Aleix Espargaro: Even with 300 hp, rider weight is “very important”

Aleix Espargaro

Aleix Espargaro, one of the tallest riders on the MotoGP grid, claims that gaining just 3-4kg over his’ skinny’ 65kg weight would cause him to lose noticeable speed.

Aleix Espargaro

Aleix Espargaro is among the tallest riders in MotoGP, being 180cm tall. As a result, he must work even harder than most to strike a balance between a low weight and enough muscle to control the bike throughout a race distance.

“It’s very important,” said the Aprilia rider, who gave the RS-GP it’s first podium at Silverstone last year. “I saw in the past with my team-mates, even if we had 300hp, at the end it’s a machine that has to move weight.

“If you have enough power to handle the bike at 60kg then why do you have to weigh 70? But to find this compromise is not easy.

“For riders under 175cm it’s easy. They can go to the gym and have more strength. But for riders more than 180 it’s very difficult to find this balance.

“I’m 65kg right now. But I can’t do any weights in the gym because if I do it’s very easy to go to 68-69kg, then you start to lose acceleration and performance.”

The Spaniard went on to say that he sees his drastic weight-loss as his contribution to the never-ending drive for greater horsepower.

“To have the strength and still be that lean is not easy, but this is our job,” he said. “When I push the engineers to have more horsepower, I know it’s also not easy for them. I try my best, they try their best.”

Luca Marini (184cm/69kg) is the only other MotoGP rider 180cm or over on the 2022 grid, following the departures of Valentino Rossi and Danilo Petrucci.

Maverick Vinales is 9cm shorter than teammate Xavier Espargaro, but weighs 1kg lighter.

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