Guy Martin will return to road racing in Armoy

Guy Martin, a TV and film cult figure, has stated that he plans to return to road racing at this year’s Armoy Road Races, demonstrating the high regard in which the top riders hold this challenging three-mile road event.

Guy’s appearance at the July 30-31 event would be only his second after suffering significant injuries in a 130mph crash at the 2015 Ulster Grand Prix at Dundrod. He focused on his TV and film careers after his recovery, however he did compete in a Classic race at Tandragee.

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Bill Kennedy, the clerk of the course at Armoy, was delighted to learn of Guy’s return. Guy Martin was a long-time supporter of the Armoy Road Races and raced there until 2015, after which he competed in Classic and Classic Superbike races on the side.

“We know that Guy would love to be back at Armoy and riding in the Classics race, but we also understand that his diary this year is pretty packed, including trying to achieve 300mph on a motorbike amidst a few projects, the timing of which we believe have not been confirmed yet.

“Like all things Guy, until he’s on the boat and heading to Armoy, or even driving into the paddock, just before the races, we’ll not know for sure. However, his intention to race at the 2021 Armoy Road Races will be a great boost for the spectators and the Club.”

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Guy, who won the Torquetronix Superbike Race for Tyco-BMW Motorrad Racing in 2015, previously stated that “it’s a very well organized meeting” and that he “always tries to fit the Armoy in,” but that if he does race this year, it will be in the Senior Classics rather than the Superbike or Open Races.

Bill continued: “To date, we are doing very well for race entries but we’ve some time yet. All entries are required to be in by the closing date of Monday, June 28. Likewise, our spectator passes, which we launched last month, due to the pandemic restrictions are also going well. We know that there are many keen to attend the event, and also keen to understand the restrictions but the only thing I’ll say, particularly in this ever-changing world, is that the club will be doing its very best to run these races and do so, safely.

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“We understand there are lots of questions and to that end we have a frequently asked question page, where we address riders and spectators’ questions as best as possible. We’ve less than three months to the races and circumstances could very well change again – we’ll just have to wait and see.

“What I do know is that everyone is behind us, we’ve been working on the course already and we are finalising sponsors as I speak, although I think that’ll take a few weeks longer. There’ll be racing in Armoy on Friday and Saturday, July 30 and 31, and the likes of Guy Martin in the mix is very welcome news indeed.”

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