Guy Martin’s Road Races: A Return to Armoy Racing?

The 39-year-old Brit, who has never officially retired and is now one of racing’s most well-known faces, may well race in the classic bike series again this year.


The Armoy Road Race is one of the few races left on the 2021 calendar, and Guy Martin might be a candidate. The Englishman, who is one of the most well-known figures in the motorcycling industry, has shown interest in racing in one of the classic bike races.

“If they are able to do Armoy this year and have a classic 750 or Open race, I’ll be there on the grid, no doubt about it”, Martin said.

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“Nothing compares to the Irish road races”

Martin’s passion for road racing (and particularly the Irish Nationals) lives on, despite the serious accidents he’s been involved in in the past, including those at the TT in 2010 and 2017, as well as the wet Ulster incident in 2015, and he continues to have fun competing with classic bikes, an arena in which he’s scored some excellent results and wins in recent years.

“The atmosphere in the road races, especially in Ireland, is like nothing else in the world”, explains Guy. “I’ve stopped racing the big sports bikes, but I still love the classic races and last year I really missed them, as it was the first time I didn’t compete in any event of that kind”.

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Martin also thinks back to his National origins: “I still remember my first win at Antrim in 2005 as one of the best moments in my career, because I finished ahead of my idol Ryan Farquhar. He taught me to love these races, him and other legends like Adrian Archibald and Martin Finnegan, so beating him was like a dream come true”.

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