Hulkenberg discusses how he “broke the ice” with Magnussen

Nico Hulkenberg HAAS

Six years after their dramatic collision, Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen are scheduled to collaborate.

Nico Hulkenberg HAAS

By repeating his own comments back to Kevin Magnussen, Nico Hulkenberg claims he “broke the ice” with his future Formula 1 teammate.

In 2023, Hulkenberg will race with Magnussen at Haas in Schumacher’s place and make his first comeback to Grand Prix motorsport on a regular basis since 2019.

Magnussen pushed Hulkenberg’s Renault wide through Turns 2 and 3 during their controversial 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix collision.

In the media pen post-race, Hulkenberg confronted Magnussen who retorted that the German should “suck my b***s”.

While the German claims he welcomed his new teammate with the same comments spoken in Budapest earlier in 2022, Magnussen has been unequivocal that he has no problems with Hulkenberg entering the squad.

Hulkenberg welcomes Magnussen

Hulkenberg told the media, including, “Of course, I expect to have a nice relationship with him.”

“We’ve cleared the incident and broke the ice, at the beginning of the year actually.

“I said ‘hello’ to him with his exact same words from 2017, and he felt that was quite funny and amusing.

“I have absolutely no worries working and racing alongside him, we’re both grown-up adults and we respect each other and will race for the team.”

For 2023, Hulkenberg has “a new perspective.”

Hulkenberg has combined his roles as a TV analyst for German TV and a COVID-19 stand-in racer after leaving his Renault drive at the end of 2019. He has filled in for drivers including Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll (both in 2020), and Sebastian Vettel (2022).

He describes himself as “fresh, good, and healthy” after taking a hiatus from full-time motorsport.

“You approach it professionally and always fight hard to do what you can, but I think a lot of the sport is [in the mind],” he added.

“You’ve got to be happy, fresh and in a good mindset – that’s what then gives you confidence.

“If you get into a cycle where you don’t have that, then it gets tough and uncomfortable questions come.

“It is a vicious cycle, so if you break away from it and come back fresh, it is good and healthy.”

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