Verstappen outlines his goals with new Red Bull contract

Max Verstappen

After negotiating a long-term new contract with Red Bull Racing, Max Verstappen has described his mindset for 2022 and beyond.

Max Verstappen

As the Dutch driver begins his first championship fight season with Red Bull Racing with a long new deal in his pocket, Max Verstappen has highlighted how his approach will remain the same moving into 2022.

Verstappen and Red Bull announced earlier this week that they will continue together until at least 2028, after the ’21 World Champion signed a contract extension.

Despite the fact that his long-term future is secure thanks to the lucrative new contract, Verstappen stated that his attitude and approach will not alter.

“Even after winning the championship, my ambition is still to win races and try to fight for the championship again, and also, now, we don’t need to think about it anymore,” Verstappen explained, referring to the fact that contract negotiations between him and Red Bull won’t be an issue for some years to come.

“We know how long the contract is and we can just work together. Besides only trying to fight for wins and championships, I think what is important as well is to have a good time and have fun and actually enjoy your time in Formula 1 as well.”

Verstappen calls Red Bull his home

Despite the fact that 2022 marks the beginning of a new regulation cycle and an engine freeze, which means a great deal of uncertainty about any team’s competitiveness in the coming seasons, Verstappen claimed he had no reason to disbelieve Red Bull.

With Mercedes appointing George Russell for 2022 in the hopes of replacing Lewis Hamilton, and Ferrari and McLaren separately securing long-term deals with Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris, Verstappen stated he had no reason to consider leaving his current contract.

“It’s difficult to comment on the other teams, I have never been in [them],” he said, when asked about why he chose Red Bull.

“I just feel really good at this team. I really enjoy working with the people in every department. Of course, after winning the championship last year, for me, it’s the best team out there. So yeah, I want to stay.”

Verstappen stated there was no dragging in the lead-up to putting pen to paper, and that the negotiation process went smoothly.

“The decision was quite straightforward,” he explained.

“On both sides, we wanted to continue. From the start, I’ve felt really good in the team and especially after last year, I only saw one way forward and that was with this team.”

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