What the pedals do in a Formula 1 car?

F1 Pedals

How are F1 pedals different from pedals on road cars? It turns out quite a bit. F1 racers have far greater scope to customize their pedals for best in-car comfort.

F1 Pedals

If you look back to the Austrian Grand Prix in 2022, Charles Leclerc was complaining about a pedal issue with his Ferrari F1-75 during the closing stages.

The immensely challenging trouble with his car, according to the Monogasque, was that the throttle would get stuck at 20 or 30 percent when racing at a low pace.

He overcame the problem and won the race, but it revealed how important these seemingly little factors may be to performance.

Unlike the pedals on a typical road car, F1 pedals are distinctive in that they are customized for the racer. Others would like have them lined up perfectly, while some people like them offset.

George Gover, a mechanical design engineer for Mercedes, and Anthony Davidson, a simulation and demonstration racer, examine this essential piece of technology in depth.

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