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Hill explains why Leclerc falls short of Verstappen

max verstappen and charles leclerc 2022

Max Verstappen currently leads Charles Leclerc by 116 points in the World Championship rankings, and Damon Hill has noted a distinguishing aspect between the two racers. Damon Hill feels that Charles Leclerc lacks the same level of self-assurance that Max Verstappen has had since making his F1 debut as a youngster. Despite Ferrari having a […]

Piastri shares his hopes for the connection with Norris

oscar piastri lando norris 2022

In 2023, Oscar Piastri will compete in his first Formula One race for McLaren with more seasoned teammate Lando Norris. The Australian is sure that the two can get along well. When he join the McLaren squad in 2023, Oscar Piastri has revealed what he wants from his partnership with Lando Norris. Having followed a […]

The track’s unusual quirk on Marina Bay Street

Marina Bay Street Singapore GP 2022

Though the Singapore Grand Prix is known as being the first night race on the F1 schedule, a strange aspect of the track necessitates that teams make modifications to their cars that are specific to Singapore in order to avoid them breaking down in the middle of a race. In addition to being one of the season’s […]

Video: Verstappen and Ricciardo compete in Singapore’s “King of Fruits” race 

Verstappen Ricciardo Singapore

In a funny clip from 2017, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo attempt to eat “Durian” fruit, a specialty of Singapore that is forbidden in most of Asian hotels! When they were Red Bull teammates, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo frequently undertook unusual activities and produced some amusing outcomes as a result. The two compete in the “Durian […]

Lewis Hamilton: Early championship results are “never great” for Formula One

Lewis Hamilton Formula One 1

Lewis Hamilton has expressed sympathy for Formula One supporters and thinks it is “never great” for the motor racing when the Drivers’ Championship is decided before the last race. Lewis Hamilton thinks it is “a pity” when championship races are decided before the end of last season, especially with Max Verstappen poised to win a second […]

Albon prepared for a challenging F1 return in the Singapore Grand Prix

Alex Albon Singapore Grand Prix

After his previous surgery and included hospital stay, Alex Albon claims he and the Williams squad are “mindful” of the pressures the Singapore GP circuit will have on him. Prior to his comeback to the Formula One grid in Singapore, Alex Albon acknowledges that he and the squad have “realistic” objectives. Prior to seeing the […]

Sainz warns the FIA from the pit lane: “We’re about to have an accident”

Carlos Sainz FIA

If the size of the pit lanes at some circuits is not addressed, Carlos Sainz predicts that F1 will “have an accident.” Carlos Sainz has requested a reassessment of the F1 pit lane size and claims that if the problem is not resolved, “there is going to be an incident.” The Ferrari racer thinks that in […]

Key claims that Red Bull and Ferrari have “excellently” exploited the 2022 rules

ferrari charles leclerc red bull max verstappen 2022

The technical director of McLaren was taken aback by how experienced team were able to take advantage of the regulations and establish a solid speed advantage. Red Bull and Ferrari have done a “great job” of taking advantage of the 2022 F1 regulations, according to McLaren Technical Director James Key, who also complimented their efforts. […]

Monaco Grand Prix is scheduled until 2025

Monaco Grand Prix 2025

The Automobile Club of Monaco and Formula 1 have come to terms for the legendary race to remain on the calendar for the upcoming 3 years. Following the release of the 2023 schedule, Formula 1 also announced that the Monaco Grand Prix would continue to be held until 2025. The legendary race around the streets of […]

Damon Hill: If we get a “crazy race” before the end of the year, Mercedes might triumph

Lewis Hamilton George Russell 2022

There are only six races left in 2022 for Lewis Hamilton or George Russell to claim the top step, and Mercedes is facing their worst win draught since 2013. Damon Hill, the reigning F1 World Champion, believes that Mercedes may need to compete in a “crazy race” in order to triumph at Grand Prix in 2022 […]