Albon admits to owning a $950,000 Porsche 911?

Alex Albon Porsche Singer 911

During the off-season, Alex Albon was photographed driving a rare Singer-built Porsche 911 on social media, however the Williams racer has recently made clear about the ownership of that car.

Alex Albon Porsche Singer 911

Alex Albon has currently made it clear regarding the ownership of the $950,000 Porsche 911 that was posted on his social media pages during the offseason.

During a trip to Los Angeles, the Williams driver was photographed racing the unique creation by Singer Vehicle Design.

Porsche is not associated with the US state of California’s classic automobile restoration business. They do, however, offer ‘reimagined’ Porsche 911s, with prices starting at $475,000 and going as high as $1.8 million.

The wait list for one is approximately three years, but Albon admitted that he did not have to wait that long to experience one of his dream cars.

“Firstly, I have to put it in there that I do not own the car, and I kind of wish I should have said that. But I know Rob Dickinson, who’s the CEO of Singer, and I went karting with him one day, with Jenson Button,” he told media, including

“I had a free day from my training, and I was like, ‘Okay, how do I spend my free day best?’ And I’m a huge fanboy of Singer, I love what they do.”

f1 driver alex albon porsche 911

Albon: Singer is much more attractive than Carlos and Lando’s vehicles

Lando Norris created his customized McLaren Artura over the off-season, while Carlos Sainz received a custom 812 Competizione.

Albon confesses that the Singer 911 is beyond of his financial range, but he still considers it to be “much cooler” than the vehicles driven by his competitors on the circuit.

He continued: “Unfortunately, I might need to renegotiate my contract to get a Singer. They might be a little bit out of my price range for now.

“But yeah, I think that car is way cooler than Carlos’ [Sainz] or Lando [Norris’] car, that’s for sure.”

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