Another first is added to Roger Penske’s impressive racing career

Roger Penske

There aren’t many things Roger Penske hasn’t achieved in his illustrious racing career, but Joey Logano let him add another one on Sunday.

Roger Penske

Logano won the NASCAR Cup Series championship for the second time while driving for Penske with his victory at Phoenix Raceway in the final season.

Despite the fact that Team Penske had won three Cup Series championships so far, Logano’s victory made Penske the first team owner to earn both the NASCAR and IndyCar series championships in the same year.

Will Power of Penske won the team’s 17th IndyCar championship in September. Power won his second series championship while racing a Penske car.

“I think we’ve tried it for 31 years, so it’s about time,” Penske, 85, said. “What a special weekend for us.

“Joey did a great job. You’ve seen what he’s been able to do as he’s come on the team, and for us to have two championships in the same year, that’s what we’re here for. That’s the goal we have every year.

“I think we’ve been close, but we got it this year.”

A memorable year

Penske had a successful Cup Series season.

Austin Cindric, a rookie, won the season-opening Daytona 500 after Logano won the preseason non-points Busch Light Clash at the Los Angeles Coliseum to start the year.

All three of Penske’s Cup racers made it through the qualifying rounds, but only Logano made it all the way to the Championship 4. On the year, the three earned five victories in total.

This season, the IndyCar racers for Penske have won nine races overall.

“Well, I hate to say one is better than the other, but I’d have to say put them all together, they’re all first-place as far as I’m concerned,” Penske said. “What it does as a team, the momentum it gives not only the race team but the 70,000 people that are in our company because they’re all watching.

“We don’t win every day, do we, but it teaches us how to win and how to stay in the game, and I think that’s what it’s done. But really three super days, super accomplishments for the team.

“I can’t say one is better than the other. I’m just glad to be here.”

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