Preece triumphs in the Nashville Truck race for a second year in a row

Preece Nashville Truck

Even though Ryan Preece has only made a few NASCAR Truck Series begins, Nashville (Tenn.) Superspeedway has been the place of both of his triumphs.

Preece Nashville Truck

Preece, who was competing in only his ninth series appearance overall, fought off Zane Smith’s valiant effort in the final two circuits to win Friday night at Nashville for the second time in a row.

The victory is also David Gilliland Racing’s second straight triumph after Todd Gilliland’s No. 17 Ford, which Todd Gilliland drove to victory in last week’s dirt race in Knoxville, Iowa.

As part of the Triple Truck Challenge, Preece also received a $50,000 prize for his victory.

“I didn’t want it to be that close (at the end), But my hat’s off to DGR and all the crew for this one,” Preece said. “We won a second guitar – I might have to start a band!

“I just want you guys to know a lot of this is built in the shop. Speed is built in the shop. DGR worked their tails off and I know what it takes to win races. They give me phenomenal race cars.

“I’m just proud to be the one holding the steering wheel.”

Ty Majeski came in fourth, followed by Carson Hocevar in third, and Stewart Friesen in fifth.

Matt Crafton, John Hunter Nemechek, Max Gutierrez, Tyler Ankrum, and Christian Eckes made up the final ten.

Gutierrez, who will compete on Saturday in his native Mexico, was making only his second series begin.

Stage 3

After the intermission between Stages 2 and 3, all of the lead-lap cars made pit stops, with Parker Kligerman being the first off pit road due to a two-tire stop.

Kligerman was in second place whenever the race restarted on lap 103, followed by Preece, Zane Smith, and Friesen.

On the beginning, Preece surged by Kligerman to retake the lead.

A caution was issued after Todd Bodine spun off Turn 4 and down the frontstretch on Lap 119.

When the race went back under green on Lap 125, a few cars had pitted, however Preece was still in the lead and on the racetrack.

On Lap 127, Corey Heim, Grant Enfinger, and Matt DiBenedetto all collided with the barrier while racing four-wide at Turn 3.

Preece maintained his lead at the beginning of lap 136, followed by Eckes, Zane Smith, and Friesen.

The ninth caution of the race was issued when Hailie Deegan crashed into Turn 1 shortly after the resumption. Another person involved in that accident was Colby Howard.

When the race resumed on green on Lap 141, Preece was still in the lead.

Zane Smith surged into second place with eight circuits remaining and focused on Preece.

Stage 2

Preece won Stage 2 with ease after taking the lead following a late resumption and holding off Zane Smith.

The next three finishers were Heim, Eckes, and Friesen.

All of the lead-lap trucks pitted after the intermission between Stages 1 and 2, with Majeski being the first one off pit road. Jesse Little had to resume from the back of the field after being punished for an unsecured tyre during his halt.

Majeski was followed by Zane Smith and Preece on the resumption on lap 54.

Immediately after the restart, Zane Smith surged back into the lead.

Tanner Gray had to pit under green for repairs after hitting the wall on lap 61 due to a flat tyre.

However, Hocevar was fined for racing on pit road and forced to resume from the back of the field after other trucks decided to pit.

Zane Smith was in the lead when the race restarted on lap 74, but Preece took the lead immediately.

Stage 1

Preece was comfortably beaten by Zane Smith to clinch Stage 1 after leading all 45 circuits.

The next three finishers were Heim, Friesen, and Chandler Smith.

Preece began on the pole, but on the first lap, Zane Smith immediately overtook him.

After connecting with Crafton on lap 8, Jack Wood spun and crashed in turn 4, resulting in the first caution of the race.

On lap 14, the race resumed in green, with Zane Smith leading Preece and Hocevar.

On Lap 20, Camden Murphy had a crash in Turn 2, which brought the race back under caution. On the resumption on Lap 25, Zane Smith kept up his position at the front.

After missing the post-qualifying inspection and making unauthorised alterations, Gutierrez raced from the back of the pack.

After refuelling his truck prior to the green flag, Gray was required to begin the race from pit road.

Cla#Driver ManufacturerLapsTimeGapIntervalLaps Led
117 Ryan Preece Ford1501:56’32.446  74
238Zane Smith Ford1501:56’32.9530.5070.50770
342Carson Hocevar Chevrolet1501:56’33.0000.5540.047 
466 Ty Majeski Toyota1501:56’34.0191.5731.0194
552 Stewart Friesen Toyota1501:56’35.8333.3871.814 
698 Christian Eckes Toyota1501:56’37.2834.8371.450 
716 Tyler Ankrum Toyota1501:56’38.2565.8100.973 
822Max Gutierrez Chevrolet1501:56’38.7176.2710.461 
94 John Hunter Nemechek Toyota1501:56’39.6307.1840.913 
1088 Matt Crafton Toyota1501:56’39.6467.2000.016 
1119 Derek Kraus Chevrolet1501:56’39.9747.5280.328 
1299 Ben Rhodes Toyota1501:56’41.8959.4491.921 
1361 Chase Purdy Toyota1501:56’42.1129.6660.217 
1440Dean Thompson Chevrolet1501:56’43.01310.5670.901 
1518Chandler Smith Toyota1501:56’43.17510.7290.162 
1691Colby Howard Chevrolet1501:56’43.53811.0920.363 
1744 Kris Wright Chevrolet1501:56’44.52512.0790.987 
189Blaine Perkins Chevrolet1501:56’44.58312.1370.058 
1902 Jesse Little Chevrolet1501:56’44.87312.4270.290 
2075 Parker Kligerman Toyota1501:56’46.11713.6711.2442
2147Kaden Honeycutt Toyota1501:56’47.52815.0821.411 
2220 Stefan Parsons Chevrolet1501:56’48.21415.7680.686 
2356 Timmy Hill Toyota1501:56’48.59716.1510.383 
2445Alan Lawless Chevrolet1501:56’48.72416.2780.127 
2512 Spencer Boyd Chevrolet1501:56’49.04016.5940.316 
2643Nick Leitz Chevrolet1501:56’49.25416.8080.214 
2762 Todd Bodine Toyota1481:57’05.1452 Laps2 Laps 
281 Hailie Deegan Ford1441:54’32.2846 Laps4 Laps 
2933Chris Hacker Toyota1441:56’47.4236 Laps2’15.139 
3015 Tanner Gray Ford1431:56’54.9127 Laps1 Lap 
3125 Matt DiBenedetto Chevrolet1321:42’49.71718 Laps11 Laps 
3223 Grant Enfinger Chevrolet1261:33’29.01624 Laps6 Laps 
3351Corey Heim Toyota1261:33’29.16024 Laps0.144 
3430 Camden Murphy Toyota2019’49.850130 Laps106 Laps 
3524Jack Wood Chevrolet63’12.899144 Laps14 Laps 
3646Chase Janes Ford126’37.752149 Laps5 Laps 
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