William Byron dominates Saturday’s Cup practice in New Hampshire

William Byron New Hampshire 2022

In his 4 profession NASCAR Cup Series outings at New Hampshire, William Byron has never placed in the top 10 yet he was in the driver’s seat for Saturday’s lone practise.

William Byron New Hampshire 2022

In the end, Kyle Busch ranked 2nd overall (127.371 mph), and Chase Briscoe was third (127.222 mph). The first 20 minutes of the morning’s session included all three of the top finishers overall.

Kyle Larson, the defending Cup winner, finished fourth overall, while Martin Truex Jr. completed the top five.

Kyle Busch had the highest average track pace among the vehicles that completed at least ten consecutive circuits (126.600 mph). In that area, Byron and Briscoe came in second and third, respectively.

124 William ByronChevrolet2129.877  127.483
218 Kyle BuschToyota2029.9030.0260.026127.372
314 Chase BriscoeFord2229.9380.0610.035127.223
45 Kyle LarsonChevrolet2729.9690.0920.031127.091
519 Martin Truex Jr.Toyota2729.9880.1110.019127.011
69 Chase ElliottChevrolet2030.0030.1260.015126.947
717 Chris BuescherFord2330.0160.1390.013126.892
86 Brad KeselowskiFord2130.0460.1690.030126.766
94 Kevin HarvickFord2230.0600.1830.014126.707
1010 Aric AlmirolaFord2930.0720.1950.012126.656
1123 Bubba WallaceToyota2730.1110.2340.039126.492
121 Ross ChastainChevrolet2330.1170.2400.006126.467
1321 Harrison BurtonFord2030.1250.2480.008126.433
1443 Erik JonesChevrolet1530.1260.2490.001126.429
1516 A.J. AllmendingerChevrolet2430.1400.2630.014126.370
1631 Justin HaleyChevrolet1930.1480.2710.008126.337
1748 Alex BowmanChevrolet2030.1810.3040.033126.199
1842 Ty DillonChevrolet2530.1860.3090.005126.178
1941 Cole CusterFord2030.1970.3200.011126.132
2020 Christopher BellToyota1630.2120.3350.015126.069
2111 Denny HamlinToyota1930.2270.3500.015126.007
228 Tyler ReddickChevrolet2630.2320.3550.005125.986
2312 Ryan BlaneyFord2830.2320.3550.000125.986
2422 Joey LoganoFord2930.2380.3610.006125.961
2545 Kurt BuschToyota2230.2470.3700.009125.923
2699 Daniel SuarezChevrolet2230.2730.3960.026125.815
277 Corey LajoieChevrolet2330.2740.3970.001125.811
282 Austin CindricFord2730.2910.4140.017125.740
293 Austin DillonChevrolet1930.3420.4650.051125.529
3034 Michael McDowellFord1830.3590.4820.017125.459
3138 Todd GillilandFord1930.3610.4840.002125.450
3247 Ricky Stenhouse Jr.Chevrolet1930.4780.6010.117124.969
3377 Josh BilickiChevrolet2230.7800.9030.302123.743
3415 J.J. YeleyFord1430.8190.9420.039123.586
3578 B.J. McLeodFord1031.2471.3700.428121.893
3651 Cody WareFord1331.7031.8260.456120.140
Cre: Motorsport.com

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