An ex-F1 driver is doubtful about Hamilton’s eighth championship

Regarding whether Lewis Hamilton’s eight World Championship will be harder to win as the field becomes more competitive, a former Formula racing driver shared his perspective.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1

Lewis Hamilton’s chances of winning the 8th World Championship have been doubted by former Formula 1 racer Eddie Irvine.

When Irvine worked for Ferrari in 1999, Michael Schumacher was a teammate, and the only racer to surpass his record of seven Formula One victories was Lewis Hamilton.

Since he was disqualified in the 2021 season finale due to a Safety Car discrepancy that gave the lead to rival driver Max Verstappen, Hamilton has been pursuing an eighth championship.

Despite the team’s complete lack of success in 2023, Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff is certain that Hamilton will smash the existing record.

Irvine: The 2024 car will determine Hamilton’s future

Irvine believes that unless Mercedes can give Hamilton a race-winning vehicle, it will be more difficult for him to claim an eighth championship before leaving Formula One.

“The era of the triumphs of Hamilton and Mercedes is now over, but Lewis is still a very good driver, very focused on objectives and eager to obtain results,” said Irvine in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He is still doing a great job behind the wheel of an F1 car. Also the comparison with Verstappen is very tough, because Max is younger, has a bit more speed and enormous belief in his abilities.

“Hamilton’s prospects will depend on how competitive Mercedes will be in 2024. With his experience he has shown that he knows how to seize every opportunity that presents itself both in qualifying and in the race. However, I doubt he will be able to win the championship again, realizing his dream of winning his eighth title.”

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