Aston Martin: Cost caps prevent “aggressive” new designs

Aston Martin 2022

The budget constraint restrictions have put a stop to Aston Martin’s plans for F1 advancements in 2022.

Aston Martin 2022

The cost cap, the team has acknowledged, has had an influence on Aston Martin’s hopes of making additional “aggressive” Formula 1 upgrades in 2022.

The different financial rules allow squads to expend $145 million in a season, while expenses like marketing and the salaries of the squad’s top 3 racers are exempt.

Aston launched a brand-new concept at the Spanish Grand Prix after their previous launch design proved to be significantly slower than competitors’. This has had the knock-on effect of limiting teams’ capability to upgrade often.

And now that Barcelona’s idea shift has been brought up, Aston’s performance director Tom McCullough has acknowledged that it has affected how the season will develop moving forward.

Aston’s effort to advance

The AMR22 failed to impress, and as lately as the Singapore Grand Prix, Aston Martin was stuck in ninth place in the Constructors’ standings with racers Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll pulling in 25 points between them.

The team earned 24 points in the three races throughout Singapore, Japan, and the United States, though, and rose to seventh place in the standings, just below Alfa Romeo. This came after a spate of successful results in the races that followed.

Minor improvements, such as a rear wing with strong downforce, have continued to be made, but McCullough acknowledges that certain “aggressive” designs had to be rejected.

“We want to get to the front of the midfield pack and then start charging ahead – to do that, we’ve got to be aggressive,” he explained.

“We tried to be aggressive as we could this year, but with the budget cap and resources available this has been difficult.

“There are parts that we would love to have made. The front wing, for example is largely the same as the one with which we started the year.

“There’s so much we could have done, but we couldn’t afford to within the budget cap – especially after the significant changes we made to car in Barcelona.

“The formula has changed somewhat.

“Now, it’s about trying to pick the upgrades that will give you the best performance return versus the cost.”

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