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How Russell’s teammate Hamilton ‘saved’ him at Mercedes

george russell lewis hamilton

Considering the team’s problems with their vehicle since 2022, George Russell had a difficult beginning to his time with Mercedes. Russell concedes that the fact that Lewis Hamilton experienced the same difficulties is a little positive for him. Lewis Hamilton has experienced some of the same challenges at Mercedes as George Russell has, and Russell […]

Aston Martin regretted missing out on Vettel’s accomplishment in Australian GP chaos

Aston Martin Australian GP 2023

Aston Martin expressed regret to their wasted “opportunity” at the Melbourne race weeks shortly after the Australian Grand Prix was over. At the Australian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso gave Aston Martin its third straight Formula One podium, but a top Aston Martin official claims they had hoped to gain more advantage from the late resumption. The […]

Eddie Jordan: Ferrari’s troubles might be addressed by Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 2023

Eddie Jordan, an earlier F1 team owner, thinks that Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari might be a “match made in heaven” even though the seven-time World Champion has said he has no immediate intentions of leaving Mercedes. Eddie Jordan thinks that if Lewis Hamilton joined Ferrari, it would “eradicate” a lot of their difficulties. Despite Mercedes […]

Russell talks about a “eye-opening” experience he had with Mercedes in his rookie year

george russell mercedes 2023

The 2022 season, when Mercedes failed to keep up with their competitors, had some low points. However for George Russell, it was one of the highlights of the year that brought with it a spectrum of conflicting feelings. In a recent interview, George Russell talked about the “eye-opening” sense of awe he experienced after prevailing […]

Hamilton talks about the ‘nearly impossible’ struggle of remaining grounded in F1

lewis hamilton F1 2023

Lewis Hamilton says that it was sometimes hard staying grounded as he started Formula 1 from a “normal background”. Lewis Hamilton has spoken out about the difficulty of remaining grounded in F1, describing it as “roughly difficult” at times in his previous career. The Stevenage-born Briton made his professional appearance in 2007 and confesses that […]

Alpine put to rest worries about the ‘costly’ Australia crash

Alpine Australia crash F1

Since Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon collided on the last race resumption and both retired, Alpine’s Australian Grand Prix was a total disaster. Otmar Szafnauer, the team’s manager, has indicated how this may or may not have an impact on the team’s spending cap. Otmar Szafnauer, the team’s manager, is unconcerned about any potential cost […]

Aston Martin has concerns regarding the impact of the Azerbaijan GP Sprint

Aston Martin Azerbaijan GP Sprint 2023

According to Aston Martin Performance Director Tom McCullough, having two races in as many days at the Baku City Circuit will raise the possibility of costly accident damage exceeding F1’s budget cap. Tom McCullough, director of performance at Aston Martin Formula 1, admitted that the prospects of competing two times in two days on Baku’s […]

What happens during an F1 seat fitting?

F1 seat fit 2023

For the racer’s comfort throughout what might be protracted races in Formula 1, a well-designed seat is crucial. But how do the teams ensure that they are millimeter-perfect? The seats in Formula 1 are different from those in a regular road car. An F1 seat, in contrast, is custom-made to the racer down to the […]

How Mercedes faced new problems beyond its first 2022 “high point”

Mercedes F1 2023

Mercedes thought their performance in the Spanish Grand Prix showed improvement after a tough beginning of the 2022 Formula One season. Nevertheless, the squad has described how they were faced such a number of new problems following the competition. After reaching their first “peak” of the season in the Spanish Grand Prix, Mercedes has revealed how they […]

Hamilton talks about his own sacrifices while working on W13 in the beginning

Lewis Hamilton W13 F1 Mercedes

Mercedes was troubled by the W13 problems towards the beginning of 2022 as they tried to figure out what was causing their performance issues. In the beginning, Lewis Hamilton claims he had to test “everything” on the W13 since Mercedes couldn’t figure out where their power was lacking. The engineers had difficulty figuring out how […]