Carlos Sainz cautions the 2022 F1 vehicle could hurt drivers’ well-being in the long haul

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At GP Miami, Carlos Sainz was engaged in a mishap during a Training meeting that caused him back torment. In any case, the Ferrari driver actually finished very well in the principal competition to get to the platform after 2 races needed to surrender in succession.

However, it appears to be that Sainz’s agony isn’t just brought about by that hit yet a dull aggravation since he drove the F1 2022 vehicle. So the number 55 cautioned the F1 2022 vehicle, having too hard a suspension. , will hurt the rider’s well-being over the long haul:

‘However, past that, it’s I figure we F1 drivers ought to acknowledge the well-being cost of driving new-age vehicles like this. I think we want to squabble over this.’

‘I haven’t gone to the specialist yet. Be that as it may, when I do extends my back and neck, I don’t feel right. I have felt that. I don’t have to ask the specialists what my well-being will resemble in 10 years (assuming I continue to drive this vehicle). I realized it would have been an issue and I would have to put resources into my wellbeing.’

This weekend Carlos Sainz will partake in the Spanish GP home race, he will race in an exceptional Chime protective cap (envisioned). After seven days is the Monaco GP, which he predicts will be extremely wild (for well-being)

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