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Carlos Sainz: Ferrari cannot address 2023 difficulties through development

Ferrari Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz thinks that the Scuderia’s disappointing season can only be fixed by a fresh start. Carlos Sainz is of the opinion that design modifications, not development upgrades, is the only way Ferrari can address the troubles with its 2023 car. Ferrari is now in fourth spot in the Constructors’ standings with 201 points going […]

Ferrari F1 mistakes are “crystal clear”

Ferrari F1

Ferrari has had a bad season, with just three podium finishes, and the main cause appears to be clear. Enrico Cardile, Ferrari’s head of chassis, has acknowledged that its F1 challenger’s errors are “crystal clear” this season. The SF-23 hasn’t performed as well as the previous year’s machines, which has prevented the Scuderia from winning […]

Qualifying results of Azerbaijan Grand Prix F1 2023

Charles Leclerc

See all of the highlights of the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying, where Charles Leclerc earned the pole position for the race on Sunday. Max Verstappen will start alongside Charles Leclerc on the front row of the Formula 1 race in Azerbaijan. Verstappen and Leclerc both recorded exactly the same time in Q3’s first races, but […]

Carlos Sainz describes his ‘main problem’ with 2023 Ferrari

Carlos Sainz 2023 Ferrari

Since the beginning of the season, Carlos Sainz has identified the SF-23 as the cause of his significant difficulty. One of the “biggest obstacles” Carlos Sainz has experienced in the Ferrari SF-23 since the season’s beginning has been identified. Sainz stated that it has been challenging to drive in the “dirty air” of another car, […]

What Carloz Sain’s brand new Ferrari supercar looks like?

Sainz Ferrari supercar

Carlos Sainz recently took possession of a brand-new Ferrari supercar that had been customized with the finer touches you would anticipate from a works Ferrari F1 racer. Carlos Sainz recently obtained a brand-new Ferrari 812 Competizione that was specially made for him. Sainz reveals his brand-new toy and takes us through his customizable features in […]

Carlos Sainz cautions the 2022 F1 vehicle could hurt drivers’ well-being in the long haul

Carlos Sainz Formula 1 2022 Shirt Hoodie Racing Uniform Clothes Sweatshirt Zip Hoodie Sweatpant

At GP Miami, Carlos Sainz was engaged in a mishap during a Training meeting that caused him back torment. In any case, the Ferrari driver actually finished very well in the principal competition to get to the platform after 2 races needed to surrender in succession. However, it appears to be that Sainz’s agony isn’t […]

Lecler receive a grid penalty in Austin.

Aston Martin Austin F1 2022

Italian media reported that Ferrari made the decision to offer Charles Leclerc a different engine for the United States Grand Prix. After changing to his 6th internal-combustion engine (ICE) of the season, Charles Leclerc will lose five grid positions at the US Grand Prix, according to Italian media. Leclerc is already on his fifth ICE […]

Sainz warns the FIA from the pit lane: “We’re about to have an accident”

Carlos Sainz FIA

If the size of the pit lanes at some circuits is not addressed, Carlos Sainz predicts that F1 will “have an accident.” Carlos Sainz has requested a reassessment of the F1 pit lane size and claims that if the problem is not resolved, “there is going to be an incident.” The Ferrari racer thinks that in […]

Key claims that Red Bull and Ferrari have “excellently” exploited the 2022 rules

ferrari charles leclerc red bull max verstappen 2022

The technical director of McLaren was taken aback by how experienced team were able to take advantage of the regulations and establish a solid speed advantage. Red Bull and Ferrari have done a “great job” of taking advantage of the 2022 F1 regulations, according to McLaren Technical Director James Key, who also complimented their efforts. […]

Sainz mentions the main benefit of Ferrari’s “challenging” second half of the season

carlos sainz ferrari 2022

Ferrari performed well in Italy after recently appearing to struggle for race pace. Carlos Sainz thinks that this comeback shows a strength of the squad during a trying period. In the middle of a “tough” second half of the season, Carlos Sainz believes Ferrari’s better race speed at the Italian Grand Prix showed one of the […]