Driver talks requested by the F1 stewards to prevent a “unexpected accident”

F1 2022

Following the Australian Grand Prix, 3 drivers were brought before the officials to explain a near-miss behind the Safety Car at Melbourne’s Albert Park.

F1 2022

The racing administrators at the Australian Grand Prix have proposed that future driver briefings include a discussion of how to prevent mishaps behind the Safety Car.

It comes after a near-miss between Mick Schumacher and Yuki Tsunoda while behind the Safety Car at Melbourne’s Albert Park Circuit.

No driver was found guilty of breaking the rules after a stewards inquiry. However, it was suggested that these types of circumstances be discussed among the drivers.

The stewards say the discussions must be emphasised in future driver briefings to prevent any “unfortunate” accidents.

Stewards promote discussions in driver briefings

While behind the Safety Car, drivers must stay within 10 car lengths of those ahead of them, according to the Sporting Regulations. The stewards have indicated that the law is “in tension” with the current braking capabilities of Formula 1 vehicles, following an accident involving Schumacher and Tsunoda on Sunday.

As a result, it’s probable that at upcoming driver briefings, a request will be made to extend the distance that automobiles must follow when the Safety Car is deployed.

“The stewards find no driver guilty of breaching the regulation, however, it is clear that the speed and braking capabilities of F1 cars, especially while trying to maintain required temperatures in tyres and brakes, are in tension with the 10 car length separation behind the Safety Car traditionally specified in the regulations,” according to a report published by the stewards on Sunday evening.

“This needs to be a point of emphasis in future driver briefings, to ensure the drivers collectively agree on how best to address this challenge before an unfortunate incident occurs.”

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