Magnussen reveals his ability to view Formula One during his year off

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen has expressed his thanks for the opportunity to get back to Formula One, as well as if he was able to watch races during his year off. ..

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen’s comeback to Formula One for 2022 has become one of the season’s most inspiring stories, with the popular Danish driver gaining a second opportunity after being released by Haas at the end of 2020.

Magnussen was left with no F1 cockpit as a result of Haas’ decision, which was made for business reasons more than any inadequacies on his part.

Magnussen, on the other hand, spent the year gaining experience in sportscars by competing in the IMSA series in the United States and making an IndyCar debut with McLaren.

Magnussen received a call from Haas after the American-led squad withdrew Russian main sponsor Uralkali and racing driver Nikita Mazepin, with a delighted Magnussen putting everything on hold to comeback to Formula One.

Magnussen is now tenth in the Drivers’ Championship after finishing fifth and ninth in the first two races of the season.

Magnussen said that throughout his year as an F1 outsider, he was willing to view the races on TV without feeling jealous or sad.

Magnussen expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to race in Formula One

Magnussen noted that after a disastrous 2020 season with an uncompetitive car, he was able to put Formula One behind him very quickly.

“I very quickly moved on,” he told Tom Clarkson on the Beyond the Grid podcast.

“I was able to very quickly look back at Formula 1 and be grateful, rather than missing it and feeling miserable about not being there anymore.

“I was able to feel way happier after getting out than when I was in it. Because, when I was in it, I didn’t feel so grateful.

“I was more disappointed in the last two seasons of not being where I wanted to be in F1. We had a very tough season in 2020 and I wasn’t able to appreciate F1 as much as I should have.

“When I came out, I was able to look back at my F1 career and I actually realised that I was so, so lucky to be able to get to the sport. F1 is such a hard place to get to and I was able to get there!

“I dreamt about getting there since I was a little child. Looking at it from the outside made it seem so fantastic that it happened rather than looking back and feeling bad about not being there anymore.”

Magnussen looked forward to the 2021 Formula One season

Magnussen contributed to Danish Formula One broadcaster TV3 in addition to his own racing obligations in 2021.

Magnussen, who has been in Formula One since 2014, said that he was hesitant to remark on the sport as an outside observer because he could still be driving if things had gone differently.

“I did some TV stuff for the Danish TV F1 broadcaster and I did enjoy that,” he explained.

“I had these thoughts, ‘I wonder how it’s gonna feel to be talking about this from the outside and not being one of the drivers?’

“But it was fine. I felt really good about it and I enjoyed the season – it was an awesome season.

“I enjoyed watching F1 from the outside as a fan, because I am a fan of F1, and it made me appreciate the sport from that perspective.”

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