No one was injured in a multi-bike collision during a Superbike race

2022 World Superbike Championship

Five racers were taken out in the first turn of the Supersport World Championship Race 1 previous week in Most due to a significant crash at the beginning.

2022 World Superbike Championship

Five motorcyclists were eliminated from a Supersport World Championship race previous weekend after a stunning collision at the first corner.

Dominique Aegerter, the current leader in the standings, was involved in an accident that also claimed the lives of four other racers during the beginning of Race 1 of Round 6 at Autodrom Most in the Czech Republic.

Although there were no injuries from the collision, Aegerter was later disqualified from Race 2 for pretending to be hurt in an effort to have the race stopped.

Watch the incident’s video HERE:

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