On New Year’s Day, an all-time F1 record was broken

F1 2023 Grand Prix

F1 used to hold a lot of Grands Prix races in January and February, with one of these events setting a record that was later broken in a legendary driver’s final race.

F1 2023 Grand Prix

As teams finish up their work on the car they expect to perform well on the racetrack in the upcoming season, the Christmas and New Year period is typically one of the busy periods of the year for teams in modern Formula 1.

Races could be held from early January to late December back in the 1960s since cars were generally the same from one season to the next, therefore this did not need to be taken into account.

With Graham Hill winning his first title on December 29 at the East London track, the South African Grand Prix made its World Championship debut in December 1962.

The season-opener was conducted on January 1st on New Year’s Day in 1965 and 1968. Jim Clark in the Lotus triumphed both races, with the second victory marking as both a historic and poignant milestone.

Clark sets a new record

With his victory in the 1968 event, Clark became the first driver to win 25 World Championship Grand Prix races, breaking the mark held by Juan Manuel Fangio since 1957.

As usual, Jackie Stewart’s dominating performance kept the Scotsman in the Lotus from winning the Grand Chelem, but Clark recovered his lead over the final 79 laps.

In addition, he took the record for the most races led, pole positions won, and points scored, but unfortunately he would never be able to increase his total.

Clark competed in a Formula 2 race at Hockemheim in April, but the next World Championship race wasn’t until Spain on May 12.

Early in the wet race, he would collide, succumb to his wounds, and leave the record at 25 World Championship Grand Prix victories.


DriverNumber of winsRecord held since
Giuseppe Farina11950 British GP
Giuseppe Farina21950 Swiss GP
Juan Manuel Fangio31950 French GP
Juan Manuel Fangio41951 Swiss GP
Juan Manuel Fangio61951 Spanish GP
Alberto Ascari131953 Swiss GP
Juan Manuel Fangio241955 Argentine GP
Jim Clark251968 South African GP
Jackie Stewart271973 Dutch GP
Alain Prost511987 Portuguese GP
Michael Schumacher912001 Belgian GP
Lewis Hamilton1032020 Portuguese GP
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