Brown reveals why McLaren chose a rookie in instead of Ricciardo

mclaren oscar piastri f1

Oscar Piastri will take Daniel Ricciardo’s position at the squad in 2023 after the two parties decided to mutually cancel the Australian’s multi-year deal early. CEO Zak Brown has provided an explanation of the team’s decision to replace experience with young.

mclaren oscar piastri f1

Oscar Piastri has replaced Daniel Ricciardo’s position at McLaren, and Zak Brown has revealed why.

After weeks of rumors about his whereabouts, it was revealed in August that Ricciardo and McLaren had mutually decided to finish his multi-year contract early, which would cause him to leave the squad at the end of 2022.

After the team engaged in a highly publicized legal dispute with Alpine over his services, the Contract Recognition Board ultimately concluded that Piastri would race for McLaren in 2023.

Brown is confident in the 21-year-old, who won the Formula 2 championship in 2021 before joining Alpine as a third driver in 2022.

Piastri will be an amazing racer

When questioned in a McLaren interview the reasoning for the team’s choice to replace Ricciardo as Lando Norris’ teammate with a rookie, Brown responded, “We think Oscar is going to be a sensational racing driver.

“If you look at his career to date, he’s won a lot of championships in his first year, which always tells you a driver’s special. He’s got a great mental approach to the sport.

“Now that we feel that Lando has a lot of experience, we feel like we have a great blend of experience and youth. Our experience just also happens to have youth.

“So I think we sit here very excited with the potential of our driver line-up of Lando and Oscar for the foreseeable future.”

Brown claims that having a racing background influenced race selection

Brown, who has expertise as a racecar driver, thinks that this expertise is useful when deciding who should compete for the squad.

“I think it does [help], not only in choosing racing drivers but how to work with racing drivers,” the McLaren CEO said.

“But then also in the racing environment, I’ve been around a lot of racing teams. I know what great looks like, I know what not great looks like.

“I’ve been around a lot of Formula 1 teams, a lot of IndyCar teams, a lot of NASCAR teams, a lot of sports car teams, I’ve been around drag racing teams.

“Greatness all looks the same regardless of what racing series you’re in, and not being so great all looks the same regardless of what racing series you’re in.

“So I think, having been around racing my entire life and driven [myself], I think that gives me a lot of good perspectives on how to assess what’s going on inside the garage.”

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