One team’s F1 2026 engine is uncertain

With the implementation of the new engine restrictions starting in the 2026 season, a lot will change in Formula 1. That year, though, which team will really be driving which engine?

F1 2024

Upon exploring the 2024 Formula 1 paddock, it becomes evident that, once again, only four engine manufacturers will be supplying engines for Formula 1 cars this year.

Honda, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Renault. They provide a power unit to each of the ten teams collectively. Aston Martin, McLaren, and Williams are the other three teams who receive engines from Mercedes.

Among other things, the rules governing the F1 cars’ engines and chassis will be modified in 2026. This is being carried out in an effort to lessen team disparities and find new engine manufacturers to the motorsport.

The MGU-H will no longer be produced, but the 1.6 V-liter engines will. An engine system that turns waste heat into electrical energy is this one. The MGU-K’s hybrid energy will be raised to 350kW to offset this loss, which should maintain the cars’ power.

The new regulations will take effect immediately since, in 2026, there will be the largest number of engine manufacturers in Formula One history—at least six—in the championship. Audi makes an appearance, while Ford—which will partner with Red Bull on the Ford/Red Bull Powertrains project—also begins to appear.

With the exception of one, every team currently competing on the grid has already decided which engine they will use starting in 2026. Since its debut in Formula One, Haas has been using an engine from Ferrari. Thus, there’s a high possibility that this will continue to be the case starting in 2026, but no confirmation has been provided as of yet.

If Andretti is given the go-ahead, we might also see a new team on the grid in 2026. The American team would want to accomplish this in conjunction with Cadillac engines, but General Motors, its parent company, has stated that this won’t be feasible until 2028. Renault wants to support Andretti in accordance with the rules up until that point.

See a summary of which team will drive which engine in 2026 below:


TeamCurrent engineEngine as of 2026
Red BullHonda/Red Bull PowertrainsFord/Red Bull Powertrains
Aston MartinMercedesHonda
AlphaTauriHonda/Red Bull PowertrainsFord/Red Bull Powertrains
Stake F1FerrariAudi
HaasFerrariFerrari ?
Andretti ?—-Renault ?

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