The head of McLaren admits something about Verstappen

Is Max Verstappen able to repeat his outstanding 2023 performance in a different car on the grid? Principal of the McLaren Team Andrea Stella is dubious.

Max Verstappen F1 2024

Max Verstappen, according to McLaren Team Principal Andrea Stella, would not have won a Formula 1 World Championship while driving a McLaren.

Verstappen had one of the most successful Formula One seasons ever in 2023, winning 19 of the 22 Grands Prix he participated in while driving the Red Bull RB19.

Given that Verstappen has only raced for two Red Bull-affiliated teams in his career, there is a lot of discussion about whether he could achieve a same outcome in a different car on the grid.

Stella thinks that considering where the squad began the season the previous year, it would have been more difficult to repeat such an accomplishment in the MCL60.

“Even an excellent driver like Verstappen can only do what the material allows him to do. The combination of Verstappen and Red Bull is faster than we are at the moment. We have to beat them,” Stella told Auto, Motor, and Sport.

“Red Bull is good enough to make that performance possible. With our car, it is impossible, with any driver in the car, to be as fast as Red Bull in the second part of stints (in the race).”

Stella: Verstappen’s performance is ‘very high’

Stella thinks that Verstappen may take advantage of difficult circumstances when luck seems to be against him because of his ability to perform at a “high level” on a regular basis.

“You have to separate the car from the driver,” explained Stella.

“Where Verstappen makes the difference is that he always performs at an extremely high level, even in the most difficult conditions.

“In the rain at Zandvoort or when conditions change during Q3 in Brazil. Verstappen shows what that Red Bull can do if you handle it perfectly.”

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