Reasons why rivals may suffer from Red Bull’s ‘failed’ crash test

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion around Red Bull’s ‘failed’ crash test. For the Milton Keynes -based team, though, that need not be at all bad news. At the beginning of the new season, it might even be a really positive indication.

Red Bull F1 2024

What is a crash test exactly? Teams in Formula 1 are required to submit their cars to an annual crash test to guarantee that safety requirements are maintained at an elevated level.

A squad is prohibited from competing in motorsports by the chassis if they fail the test. A chassis is put through tests for safety in side accidents as well as front and rear impacts. Typically, the speed ranges from 36 to 54 kph.

In terms of how a chassis absorbs the impact, these speeds yield the most precise outcomes.

In the event of a frontal collision, for instance, the driver’s so-called survival cell must always stay completely intact, and within 0.03 seconds after impact, the driver cannot be exposed to more than 60G. There will be close to twenty tests conducted in total.

According to Red Bull, the newly released car’s initial crash test went badly and made a lot of noise. The Red Bull Motorsport Advisor, Helmut Marko, responded concerns, “That would be precisely a problem if we had passed the first crash test. We would not have done well then!”

A word of caution to the competition?

And there’s a significant grain of truth there. A vital component of passing the crash test is weight. The chassis’s ability to withstand impact improves with increasing car weight.

Therefore, in your pursuit of faster lap times, you can fail a crash test if you decide to take chances with the weight of your new vehicle. This has previously occurred multiple times with no repercussions.

It only helps show once more that Red Bull has been active since winning the previous term. After 21 victories and two world championships, the team is undoubtedly taking new risks with the RB20.

The early termination of the development of the better RB19 caused the attention to move to 2024. Red Bull is reportedly motivated to outperform the competition this season and is once again testing the limits of current regulations, according to rumors surrounding the “failed” crash test.

It is conceivable that the competition is closely observing developments with mistrust, since Red Bull will undoubtedly pass a crash test before to the start of the new season.

Formula 1 is moving backwards, and it is harder to develop a car now that ground effect restrictions are in place. Perhaps risks have to be taken.

Of course, the Bahrain Grand Prix is when we will truly get to see what Red Bull had in mind and created. Either way, there is a great deal of curiosity about recent developments. Will there be intense competition, or is the RB20 a new rocket? We’ll find out soon.

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