‘I am not happy,’ Vasseur says in Ferrari negotiations

In the F1 Constructors’ standings from the previous season, Ferrari came in third place, a mere year after CEO Benedetto Vigna declared that second place was for losers. However, Team Principal Fred Vasseur has stated that he does not need to be reminded to be upset about the team’s inadequacies.

Vasseur Ferrari F1

After placing third in the F1 Constructors’ rankings the previous season, Ferrari Team Principal Fred Vasseur has stated he doesn’t need the team’s management to tell him to be furious.

The Scuderia was heavily in a fight for second place in the standings with Mercedes and, at the time, Aston Martin after Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz had to cope with multiple mechanical issues during the first half of the campaign as Red Bull and Max Verstappen easily won.

However, the SF-23 soon proved to be quick; Leclerc stood out during a single lap, while Sainz won the Singapore Grand Prix, the only race other than one won by Red Bull.

When asked if there had been any talks with the management regarding the third-place finish from the previous season, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna was cited as saying that “second is the first of the losers.” Vasseur responded, “We didn’t wait for the end of the championship to discuss it but the advantage at Ferrari is that we have daily discussions, we are not far away.”

‘Nobody can be happy with what we did’

Following his departure from Sauber last winter, Vasseur joined Ferrari. “Nobody can be happy with what we did at the beginning of the season,” he said.

“We had too many issues with reliability and I was the first one upset with this – and performance.

“But I think, more than everything, that the reaction of group, the reaction of the team, the fact we were able to… I am not a big fan of statistics, but we had something like five pole positions out of the last eight events, the fact we were able to fight with Max on some occasions during the races also was a good step forward.

“Even if we are not happy – and again, I am the first one, I do not need Mr Vigna or Mr Elkann telling me, I am not happy with P3, this is clear – but I am more than happy with the reaction of the team and I think this feeling is the same for everybody.”

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