Ricciardo introduces a champagne decanter and wine bottle with a shoey theme

Daniel Ricciardo Decanter St Hugo Wines DR3

Daniel Ricciardo has collaborated with a local winery to release two new Ricciardo-branded wines, as well as a recognisable decanter, ahead of this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix…

Daniel Ricciardo Decanter St Hugo Wines DR3

F1 fans who have always wanted to conduct their own’shoey’ at home will be delighted with Daniel Ricciardo’s latest offering.

Ricciardo has unveiled two new wines, as well as a glass decanter that is an exact duplicate of the Australian’s driving shoe, as part of an ongoing cooperation with Australian vineyard St Hugo.

“I struggled to find a vessel worthy of the wine,” Ricciardo says of his uniquely shaped decanter.

“I needed something truly refined, something truly Ricciardo – something that would make the wine taste like a podium finish.”

Check out the video below!

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