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A flashback as Newey races the McLaren F1 car he created

2004 McLaren MP4 19 Adrian Newey

The renowned designer Adrian Newey had the chance to race a McLaren from one of the most advanced F1 car generations. Adrian Newey, one of the most accomplished F1 vehicle designers of all time, had the chance to test race a McLaren. In three different squads—Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull—Newey is credited with being a major contributor […]

Newey tells about his recovery after a bicycle accident

adrian newey 2022

Adrian Newey’s bike accident previous summer nearly ended his life, but he recovered completely. Adrian Newey, technical director for Red Bull, claims that he told his family to “get [him] out of here” after being hospitalised to a hospital in Croatia previous summer following a bike accident. During the summer vacation from F1 the year […]