Two cars described as “more extreme than extreme” will be shown by Red Bull in 2024

Without a doubt, Adrian Newey was quite pleased and proud of the Aston Martin Valkyrie he developed several years ago while working at Red Bull Advanced Technologies. But all of this may happen even faster and more intensely. The Red Bull RB17 is being debuted this year for that reason.

Formula 1 Red Bull RB17 2024

Christian Horner, the principal of Red Bull Team, has disclosed that the RB17 hypercar will debut this year.

As of right now, all we have seen are vague drawings purporting to depict the machine’s first lines [see photo below], but Horner informed Sky Sports that the car would break cover. This suggests that the first renders will likely be revealed soon.

Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey has told us that he frequently enjoys working on secondary projects since it keeps him motivated for the core F1 endeavors.

Creating the Aston Martin Valkyrie was one of those projects. While it has been a reality for a while, Newey presumably thought the car could be more outstanding, faster, sharper, and less constrained by rules because of its ties to the World Endurance Championship’s new Hypercar regulations.

Now that he’s back in his sketchbook, the design he came up with should be the consequence of everything Red Bull Advanced Technologies has discovered over the years.

It is plausible to assume that Red Bull’s first domestically produced “passenger car” will be loaded with both legal and illegal Formula One technology: Dual diffusers, blown diffusers, ground effect aerodynamics, active aerodynamics… Where will Newey stop?

This indicates that Red Bull will probably introduce two cars in 2024: the RB17 and the Red Bull RB20, which Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will use to compete in the Formula One races and try to retain their titles as Drivers and Constructors, respectively, in 2024.

Before the Covid-19 epidemic caused the race to freeze regulations and postpone planned technical modifications for the 2021 F1 car, the latter’s moniker was originally intended for the car. The subsequent challenger was given the name RB16b. The RB17 name was dropped since the RB18 was already under development.

Because Newey intends to push the RB17 to its limits, the car will not be road-legal and, like the Valkyrie, will only be accessible to drive on race courses.

A total of fifty will be built initially, with the first delivery expected in 2027. What’s the cost? More than $5 million. However, you will receive what is expected to be an amazing lightweight racing monster with 1250 horsepower created by probably the greatest design genius F1 has ever seen. Talk about distinct selling points!

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