With a one-mile speed record attempt, Guy Martin is back on track


A Hayabusa with 830 horsepower should do the trick.

He’s back at it. Guy Martin can’t seem to get enough of it. In the last few years, the long-time Isle of Man TT participant, TV personality, and mechanic has established a slew of all-time speed records. It’ll be quick, whether manning a tractor or riding a wall of death, and the Britishman has his sights set on an even more ambitious aim in 2021.

Guy’s most recent high-speed exploits were on his Suzuki Hayabusa, which he customized. Martin hit 270 mph on his sped-up muscle bike in September of this year. The certified speed freak planned to hit 300 mph in a mile by 2020, but the global pandemic had other ideas for the charismatic race figure. Martin is back in the saddle of his Hayabusa after a year of waiting to attempt to break the existing one-mile speed record.


Martin’s passion project has been the 2018 Suzuki, with support from tuner Jared “Jack” Frost. The turbo Busa produces a jaw-dropping 830 horsepower. Despite the obvious dangers, the former racer is treating the effort as if it were just another day at work.

“It’s only 16 seconds, the whole thing is only 16 seconds,” noted Martin. “It is just gritting your teeth and trying to manhandle this monster down a mile track.”


Guy also doesn’t expect the one-mile attempt to be as large a production as his prior speed record attempts.

“We’ll jump in the van, we’ll drive down the runway, get everything in place, have a cup of tea, I’ll get me wind vane out, have a look, say ‘yeah the weather is all right’, and we’ll have a go,” Martin admitted. “Just me, me dad, the computer, the bike, and the data. That’s it.”


Even without the pomp and circumstance, Martin recognizes the gravity of the attempt, admitting that he’s “came to the conclusion that when you’re doing something like this, if you’re not willing to die for it, you probably don’t want to be doing it.”

We can only wish Guy the best of luck (and safety) as he pursues his latest speed goal.

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