Zane Smith wins the NASCAR Truck race at Daytona despite the rain

Zane Smith NASCAR Truck race Daytona

Zane Smith, the current NASCAR Truck winner, began the new season with a victory, although a shorter one.

Zane Smith NASCAR Truck race Daytona

When NASCAR issued a rain-related warning on Lap 69, Smith remained in the lead. After 79 of the 100 laps, the race was eventually stopped and Smith was declared the victor.

On the resumption on lap 65, Smith overtook the previous leader Corey LaJoie after the latter fell into the middle lane and slipped back in the pack.

At that point, Tanner Gray passed him for second, and the two were fighting for the lead when the final caution signaled.

Third place went to Christian Eckes, fourth place went to Colby Howard, and fifth place went to Grant Enfinger.

Ty Majeski, Tyler Ankrum, Corey Heim, Matt Crafton, and Chase Elliott completed the top ten.

A career-best finish for Travis Pastrana was 13th.

“It’s huge. The past couple times I’ve actually been to Daytona I’ve gotten to visit Victory Lane. To do that for a third time is awesome.” Smith said. “I tried to play that race as smart as possible. When it was getting really aggressive, I’d get out of it.

“I knew these patches of rain were a thing but I didn’t think it would stick around for this long. I just wanted to be there after Stage 2 was over. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Smith still has work to do at Daytona. He will race in a third car for Front Row Motorsports in the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

“I’ll be out there Sunday,” he said. “It’s exactly how we started last year, so it’s looking good.”

Cla#Driver ManufacturerLapsTimeGapIntervalLaps LedRetirementPointsBonus
138Zane Smith Ford792:05’58.264  17 40 
215 Tanner Gray Toyota792:05’58.7740.5100.510  38 
319 Christian Eckes Chevrolet792:05’59.0180.7540.24419 50 
49Colby Howard Chevrolet792:05’59.3431.0790.3252 33 
523 Grant Enfinger Chevrolet792:06’00.0081.7440.665  36 
698 Ty Majeski Ford792:06’00.2621.9980.2542 41 
716 Tyler Ankrum Toyota792:06’01.0292.7650.76715 40 
811Corey Heim Toyota792:06’01.6183.3540.589  29 
988 Matt Crafton Ford792:06’02.0663.8020.4482 45 
1035 Chase Elliott Chevrolet792:06’02.4374.1730.371    
1199 Ben Rhodes Ford792:06’02.8574.5930.420  30 
1242Carson Hocevar Chevrolet792:06’03.3725.1080.515  30 
1341Travis Pastrana Chevrolet792:06’04.2175.9530.845    
1417Sammy Smith Toyota792:06’04.6246.3600.407    
151 Jason White Toyota792:06’05.4877.2230.863  22 
1656 Timmy Hill Toyota792:06’05.8357.5710.348  21 
174 Chase Purdy Chevrolet792:06’06.2397.9750.4041 29 
1820 Derek Kraus Chevrolet792:06’07.2388.9740.999  19 
1922 Josh Reaume Chevrolet792:06’07.9769.7120.738  18 
2025 Matt DiBenedetto Chevrolet792:06’09.22610.9621.250  25 
2134 Jason White Ford792:06’10.12011.8560.894  16 
2202 Kris Wright Chevrolet792:06’11.20112.9371.081  15 
237 Corey Lajoie Chevrolet792:06’12.41014.1461.20919   
2433Mason Massey Ford792:06’12.92514.6610.515  13 
2530Chris Hacker Toyota792:06’13.42015.1560.495  12 
262Nicholas Sanchez Chevrolet792:06’15.30917.0451.889  24 
2751Jack Wood Chevrolet792:06’16.23417.9700.925  14 
2852 Stewart Friesen Toyota742:06’14.2385 Laps5 Laps2 9 
2924Rajah Caruth Chevrolet571:23’31.62122 Laps17 Laps Accident8 
3043Daniel Dye Chevrolet571:23’31.80622 Laps0.185 Accident7 
3132Bret Holmes Chevrolet491:17’30.12730 Laps8 Laps Brakes6 
3275 Parker Kligerman Toyota451:10’57.43534 Laps4 Laps DVP  
3397Codie Rohrbaugh Chevrolet3959’00.88940 Laps6 Laps Accident4 
3484Clay Greenfield Toyota2837’44.12451 Laps11 Laps Accident3 
3513 Hailie Deegan Ford2837’44.31351 Laps0.189 Accident9 
365Dean Thompson Toyota2837’44.44451 Laps0.131 Accident1

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