Ana Carrasco wants to be world champion in two or three years

Ana Carrasco

Ana Carrasco says that competing for the Moto3 world championship is a viable possibility in the ‘medium term,’ but that in the long run, she wants to make it to MotoGP.

Ana Carrasco

For the first time since 2015, Ana Carrasco will race in Moto3 in the opening round of the 2022 season in Qatar this weekend.

After choosing not to move on to WorldSSP, the 2018 WorldSSP300 winner switched to BOE SKX racing last month.

Fears that Kawasaki would be weak as a result of a slew of regulation changes that have homologated more powerful bikes like Ducati’s 955cc, Triumph’s 765 Street Triple, and MV Agusta’s 800cc machine for the middleweight class were reported as a factor in her decision to go with Moto3.

Carrasco has clarified that her primary goal in returning to Moto3 is to win the world championship once more.

“My goal is to be world champion again. It is clear that winning a World title depends on many things,” Carrasco told exclusively.

“It’s complicated, you have to put together a lot of things. But I do believe that, in the medium term, I can become competitive enough to be able to fight for the title. 

“I will either win or I will not win, but in two or three years I may be able to fight for the title.”

Carrasco’s ‘medium-term’ aims are obvious, but the wider picture involves a move to Moto2 and subsequently MotoGP, all of which will be greatly influenced by the result of her return to Moto3.

Despite her extensive experience, Carrasco is still only 24 years old, which means she has four years of Moto3 qualifying remaining, not that she intends to use it.

“In the long term the way is to get as high as you can. That’s clear. All these changes can happen, but as always, you must have good results in Moto3. The goal always has to be that,” Carrasco added. 

“If I manage to do well either this year, next year or the year after, I will surely have a chance to go up. 

“Like all riders, I think we all want to get to MotoGP and be able to compete there. That happens for being very competitive in all the categories before and that’s what’s difficult. 

“We have to go step by step, working well, trying to be better every year and if one day I have the opportunity to go up, I will try to take advantage of it.”

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