As Red Bull upgrades, Max Verstappen is unconcerned about the next Mercedes

Max Verstappen

The Formula One World Champion claims he is unconcerned with Mercedes’ new’ sidepod-less’ design which has been the focus of the paddock since the first race in Bahrain.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has hinted that Red Bull would receive several of the enhancements during their stay in Bahrain, adding that the new, aggressive-looking Mercedes W13 does not worry him in the least.

On the first morning in Bahrain, Mercedes wheeled a new-look vehicle from the garage, quite different from the car they carried to Barcelona, startling engineers and aerodynamicists all around the paddock.

Their sidepod design was unlike anything seen on the new cars this season, prompting fans to wonder if it is legal.

Red Bull says it would take time to “understand” and “digest” the notion, with team owner Christian Horner conceding that it “stands out” – but Verstappen is unconcerned, vowing instead to concentrate on his own test program in Sakhir.

Verstappen: I am not worried at all by new Mercedes

“No, I’m not concerned,” Verstappen told select members of the media, including, when asked about the upgraded W13.

“I mean, we can only focus on ourselves. I’ve said this so many times last year, you know, and that’s what we have to do again this year.

“Even if the cars look a bit different, there are so, so many unknown things still that we need to learn about so no, [I’m] not worried at all.”

Red Bull “trying different things” in Bahrain

Red Bull accomplished more circuits of the Bahrain International Circuit than any other squad on Thursday morning, with Sergio Perez in the driver’s seat.

As Red Bull’s aerodynamicists aim to discover everything they can about their new RB18, they did so with flow-vis paint smeared on the bodywork of their car.

And as Verstappen prepares to get into the car on Friday, the team’s ambition for the remainder of the weekend is clear.

“Laps, to understand the car better,” Verstappen said when questioned what Red Bull hopes to gain from the Bahrain test.

“I think that’s the main priority, just trying to understand what you need from the car, try different things on the car in terms of setup, also for other tracks, if you have issues, what kind of direction you need to go into. It’s all about that really.”

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