Doohan was afraid of riding bikes after his Dad’s footsteps

Jack Doohan said that he actually chose to ride motorcycles in order to follow his father, Mick, but that he soon realized that he preferred to race cars.

Jack Doohan in Alpine F1

Following in his father Mick Doohan’s footsteps and competing on two wheels rather than four, Jack Doohan reveals that he was “scared.”

With five straight victories between 1994 and 1998, Mick Doohan is a 500cc World Championship victor.

The Australian races in the F1 feeder series Formula 2 and is a member of the Alpine Academy. However he began his racing career on motorcycles before an incident affected his viewpoint.

He told the media, including, “I think that he [Mick] must have been dropped on his head as a baby because it’s another breed!”

“I did like two wheels from my first memories [of racing] that I can think of, and that’s all I wanted to do. Then I broke my left leg when I was five on my birthday.

“I had a few mates over that were riding dirt bikes and I just got t-boned, unluckily, and I got a bit scared of the bike [after that].”

Doohan, who had already practiced BMX riding in between his days of karting, reveals that he was “way too big” to be a bike rider.

“I’ve been karting since I was three, but I used to run out of fuel at the top of the track and get scared because I didn’t know where my parents were!”

“So for two years I went to pump track BMX and then I went on to four-wheelers at the age of seven.

“I’m kind of grateful for that, because I’m way too big and wide to be a bike rider.

Doohan: My father would have backed me in any decision I made

Doohan claims that if he had decided to participate in riding bikes, his father would have encouraged him in “either direction,” but it was a friend at school who got him interested in racing four wheels.

“He would have supported me either direction. It was one of my buddies at school that started go-karting, I think he brought his car around our track to go around.

“I was at that age where it’s cool to be doing what your friends are doing. And I was like ‘Oh, I might I might give this another crack now.'”

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