Doohan expresses his worries prior to his Alpine F1 start in Mexico

Doohan Alpine F1 Mexico

After getting his first taste of F1 equipment in Mexico, Jack Doohan has shared his biggest concern.

Doohan Alpine F1 Mexico

When his Formula 1 début was first confirmed, Jack Doohan acknowledged, he was more anxious than when he was truly racing the Alpine.

Doohan, the recent Formula 2 driver and son of motorcycle icon Mick, got his first taste of modern F1 machinery in Mexico while driving Esteban Ocon’s car for Alpine to complete the first of their required rookie FP1 sessions.

The Australian, who will take Fernando Alonso’s position in Abu Dhabi’s FP1, was passed over for a possible 2023 race slot in favour of Pierre Gasly and will now spend the year vying for the F2 championship.

Doohan delivered an account of his first outing during an F1 weekend after finishing 13 laps of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

Doohan is tense

He told media, including, “It was extremely cool and there’s been quite a bit of work leading up to today.”

“I’ve been preparing and trying to make my way into paddock since the news broke at the start of August and I’ve been aiming towards this.

“The nerves that I’d say are usually there jumping from Formula 2 to Formula 1 – and that being such a big thing – were I’d say a little less, just because I am trying to put myself into a position where this is where I want to be – I want to be driving in Formula 1.

“I’d say there were more nerves four weeks ago than there were today.

“Obviously, when I hopped in the car, and I was pulling out of the garage, there was a lot of excitement, a lot of joy and heaps of emotions going on.

“Once I was out on track, that really kind of flushed away and it was really hard to describe what I was feeling, but it was a really cool sensation.”

Szafnauer on Doohan

Otmar Szafnauer, the head of Doohan’s Alpine squad, praised the Australian’s performance in the car.

“He is a very solid young man, and I think very quick,” Szafnauer explained.

“He showed in the 13 laps that he got up to speed very quickly, but we told him beforehand, just drive within yourself.

“Don’t go ‘ten tenths’, and he didn’t.

“You saw that he was driving within himself which was exactly what we asked for.

“His preparation was exemplary going in and he wanted to know everything. He is a good kid.”

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