Pirelli: Mexico win points to to a significant Red Bull advancement

Mexico Red Bull 2022

Max Verstappen’s victory in the Mexican Grand Prix, in the perspective of Pirelli’s Mario Isola, is proof of the advancements Red Bull made in 2022.

Mexico Red Bull 2022

Mario Isola considers Max Verstappen’s victory in the Mexican Grand Prix to be proof of a development path that more effectively utilises Pirelli tyres.

By claiming a convincing victory at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Verstappen defied any expectations of a strategy race versus Mercedes.

The Dutchman used the Soft-compound tyres first in a one-stop race before changing to the Medium tyres, an aggressive approach that teammate Sergio Perez adopted.

In anticipation of the Red Bull experiencing excessive tyre degradation, the two Mercedes driven by George Russell and Lewis Hamilton decided on a Medium-to-Hard tyre approach.

Verstappen was successful in securing his fourteenth victory of the year without any challenge, which proved to be the case.

Red Bull likely paid attention to tyre wear

It has been mentioned before that Ferrari, one of their primary rivals in 2022, frequently has tyre wear issues.

But rather than being a benefit of Red Bull’s RB18, it was believed that the distinction between the two teams was exclusively a weakness of the Italian squad.

When questioned about Red Bull’s aggressive tactics during the Mexican Grand Prix, Pirelli Motorsport Director Isola stated that tyre wear had been a major concern during the car development process for Red Bull.

“I think, to be honest, in the last part of the season we saw Red Bull using the tyres very well,” Isola told Motorsport Total.

“But I don’t know what they did on the car, probably some upgrades they produced during the season.

“At the beginning of the season Red Bull were not so good in using the tyres and now we see that they have made a big step compared to the first part of the season. So they probably focused on that.”

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