FIA makes the final decision on Ferrari’s floor following test argument

Ferrari F1 2022

Ferrari sparked a controversy at a last tyre test when it was suspected that the F1-75 had been modified with a new floor, which would have violated FIA rules. The Scuderia’s version of events, though, is claimed to have fulfilled the sport’s regulatory body.

Ferrari F1 2022

After the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the FIA cleared Ferrari of any violation after the Scuderia employed 2 distinct floor specs in a tyre trial at Imola.

On the morning of Ferrari’s test, Charles Leclerc drove one floor standard, while Carlos Sainz drove a different one in the afternoon.

Other teams questioned the situation before this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix, because F1’s motorsport regulations state that new vehicle components cannot be utilised in tyre testing, and that any replacement parts must have been tested on circuit during a prior Grand Prix weekend.

Ferrari’s answer satisfied the FIA

According to mechanical expert Paolo Filisetti, the floor Sainz utilised at the Imola test had already been tested by Charles during the Australian Grand Prix weekend, indicating that no rules were broken.

Even though neither Ferrari nor the FIA have spoken publicly on the topic, FIA is pleased with Ferrari’s response and proof.

Ferrari’s Miami modifications have a new rear wing in conjunction to the revised floor, though the Scuderia’s first comprehensive improvement package for 2022 will be shown at the Spanish Grand Prix in a fortnight.

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