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Hill explains why Leclerc falls short of Verstappen

max verstappen and charles leclerc 2022

Max Verstappen currently leads Charles Leclerc by 116 points in the World Championship rankings, and Damon Hill has noted a distinguishing aspect between the two racers. Damon Hill feels that Charles Leclerc lacks the same level of self-assurance that Max Verstappen has had since making his F1 debut as a youngster. Despite Ferrari having a […]

Sainz warns the FIA from the pit lane: “We’re about to have an accident”

Carlos Sainz FIA

If the size of the pit lanes at some circuits is not addressed, Carlos Sainz predicts that F1 will “have an accident.” Carlos Sainz has requested a reassessment of the F1 pit lane size and claims that if the problem is not resolved, “there is going to be an incident.” The Ferrari racer thinks that in […]

Key claims that Red Bull and Ferrari have “excellently” exploited the 2022 rules

ferrari charles leclerc red bull max verstappen 2022

The technical director of McLaren was taken aback by how experienced team were able to take advantage of the regulations and establish a solid speed advantage. Red Bull and Ferrari have done a “great job” of taking advantage of the 2022 F1 regulations, according to McLaren Technical Director James Key, who also complimented their efforts. […]

Sainz mentions the main benefit of Ferrari’s “challenging” second half of the season

carlos sainz ferrari 2022

Ferrari performed well in Italy after recently appearing to struggle for race pace. Carlos Sainz thinks that this comeback shows a strength of the squad during a trying period. In the middle of a “tough” second half of the season, Carlos Sainz believes Ferrari’s better race speed at the Italian Grand Prix showed one of the […]

Leclerc isn’t giving up on the F1 championship: We still have a chance!

Leclerc F1 2022

Charles Leclerc is not giving up just yet despite being 93 points behind Max Verstappen in the 2022 Drivers’ Championship. Despite a distance between himself and Ferrari and Max Verstappen and Red Bull that is only becoming wider, Charles Leclerc believes they still have an opportunity to win the title this year. Leclerc leads the […]

Carlos Sainz: It’s hard to say if Ferrari should be “more brave or cautious” in its approach

Ferrari Carlos Sainz 2022

Ferrari has received criticism lately for its strategic decisions, which have cost them important championship points. After making a series of poor decisions that cost them crucial points in races, Carlos Sainz thinks it has been challenging to determine when Ferrari should be “more brave or cautious” in terms of their approach. The squad took […]

Verstappen wants a more challenging fight from Ferrari at Zandvoort

Verstappen Zandvoort 2022

After putting on a strong performance at Spa, the Red Bull racer believes his main competitors should be closer. For this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix, Max Verstappen wants a much tougher fight with Ferrari. At the fast-paced Spa Francorchamps, the Red Bull team experienced great success, but Verstappen anticipates a more competitive race at Zandvoort […]

Leclerc demands rule changes in response to the Belgian Grand Prix “tear-off” problem

Leclerc Belgian Grand Prix 2022

To stop visor “tear-offs” from unintentionally influencing the results of upcoming F1 races, Charles Leclerc has asked for intervention. In Charles Leclerc’s opinion, more must be done to stop visor “tear-offs” from influencing the results of Grands Prix. The overheating brake problem that plagued Leclerc in the first few circuits of the race prevented him […]

Why Leclerc believes Ferrari can get better after failures

scuderia ferrari Leclerc

Following a number of challenging races, Charles Leclerc’s 80-point lead to Max Verstappen in the World Championship has increased. However, the Monegasque is confident in Ferrari’s potential to bounce back. After committing mistakes in previous races, Charles Leclerc has stated what gives him hope that Ferrari may get better. In the World Championship, Max Verstappen […]

Ferrari commends racers for handling ‘painful’ lows in 2022

Ferrari F1 2022

During the 2022 season, both Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc faced several challenging situations, but according to Ferrari, both racers were able to rapidly overcome from their difficulties. Ferrari has complimented its racers for how they handled the squad’s “painful” low points in 2022. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have both had some challenging periods […]