Hamilton responds to speculations that he could leave Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton PA 1

Lewis Hamilton is displeased with rumours that his departure from Mercedes could be prompted by the team’s bad result, saying that he is “100% dedicated” to the squad.

Lewis Hamilton PA 1

Lewis Hamilton has replied to someone who has speculated that he may quit Mercedes due to the team’s on-track woes.

During the first 3 rounds of the season, the Silver Arrows only managed two podium finishes and ended outside of the points-scoring places in Saturday’s Sprint in Imola.

It’s unclear how long the squad will need to comeback to race-winning form after blaming porpoising for their poor results.

As a consequence, some commentators, notably two-time World Champion Mika Hakkinen, have questioned if Hamilton, 37, will stay with Mercedes after his existing contract.

Hamilton is dissatisfied with the departure suggestions

Hamilton may already be contemplating quitting the squad when his runs out at the end of 2023, according to Hakkinen, who spoke before the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix weekend.

He told Unibet: “It’s a fact. He’s been at Mercedes for years and won multiple championships. Now that things are not going well, he’ll start thinking of switching teams.”

“I’ve seen a couple of remarks from certain folks that I remember growing up respecting when I was younger,” Hamilton said to media members in reaction to such recommendations.

“Ultimately, their comments are silly, and a bunch of nonsense, all in the aim to get headlines to keep themselves relevant.

“Look, I’ve been with Mercedes since I was 13. We’ve had amazing times together; we’ve ridden the highs and lows together. I am 100 per cent committed to this team – there’s nowhere else that I want to be.”

“It’s not in my DNA to back out”

Hamilton has indeed lost a lot of ground to World Title leader Charles Leclerc due to his sluggish beginning the season.

Leclerc now has a 50-point advantage over Hamilton after scoring seven points in Saturday’s Sprint at Imola.

Despite Mercedes’ statement that they are no longer competing for the 2022 championship, Hamilton insists on continuing.

“Just because we’ve hit a rough patch, it’s not in my DNA to back out,” he added.

“We are still World Champions and we can fix this, it’s just going to take longer and it’s going to take a painful year.

“I think, ultimately, this is going to be a painful year that we’re going to have to ride out together and with the belief that we can rectify it, at some point maybe through the year, or even, worst-case scenario, at least for next year.”

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