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Lewis Hamilton: Early championship results are “never great” for Formula One

Lewis Hamilton Formula One 1

Lewis Hamilton has expressed sympathy for Formula One supportersĀ and thinks it is “never great” for the motor racing when the Drivers’ Championship is decided before the last race. Lewis Hamilton thinks it is “a pity” when championship races are decided before the end of last season, especially with Max Verstappen poised to win a second […]

Damon Hill: If we get a “crazy race” before the end of the year, Mercedes might triumph

Lewis Hamilton George Russell 2022

There are only six races left in 2022 for Lewis Hamilton or George Russell to claim the top step, and Mercedes is facing their worst win draught since 2013. Damon Hill, the reigning F1 World Champion, believes that Mercedes may need to compete in a “crazy race” in order to triumph at Grand Prix in 2022 […]

Lewis Hamilton’s unusual starting style in Formula One

Lewis Hamilton Formula One

Compared to other racers, the seven-time World Champion has a rather unique way of starting his Mercedes W13. The strange way that Lewis Hamilton launches his Mercedes W13 is less well known than the fact that he has begun 304 Formula 1 Grands Prix overall. The seven-time World Champion grips the upper half of the […]

Lewis Hamilton says of the relationship with Ben Sulayem, “It takes time”

toto wolff and mohammed ben sulayem

The Mercedes racer has provided some insight into their chat and the current status of their relationship. Lewis Hamilton thinks that his close friendship with FIA President Mohammed ben Sulayem is beneficial for Formula 1, but that building such a relationship “takes time.” As Jean Todt’s time as FIA President came to an end in […]

Hamilton reveals why his first victory of the 2022 season might be coming

Hamilton 2022 F1

Lewis Hamilton thinks a first Mercedes victory in 2022 is possible considering the improvements made prior to the summer break. Following their encouraging achievements prior to the F1 summer break, Lewis Hamilton thinks Mercedes is on the verge of their first victory of the year. Mercedes are commonly believed to have cut the gap to […]

Verstappen wants a more challenging fight from Ferrari at Zandvoort

Verstappen Zandvoort 2022

After putting on a strong performance at Spa, the Red Bull racer believes his main competitors should be closer. For this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix, Max Verstappen wants a much tougher fight with Ferrari. At the fast-paced Spa Francorchamps, the Red Bull team experienced great success, but Verstappen anticipates a more competitive race at Zandvoort […]

Alonso says sorry for his ‘idiot’ comments against Hamilton

Alonso Hamilton F1 2022

Following his collision with Hamilton on the opening lap at Spa, the Spaniard was furious over the team radio. After colliding with Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap of the Belgian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso made an apology for calling him a “idiot.” At Les Combes, Hamilton moved in on Alonso and threw his car […]

Hamilton is unimpressed with Mercedes’s speed: It sucks and the car is slow

Hamilton Mercedes 2022

Lewis Hamilton gave a pessimistic assessment of the W13’s performance after Mercedes qualified for the Belgian Grand Prix as only the fourth-fastest team. Lewis Hamilton claims that the poor performance of his Mercedes during the Belgian Grand Prix weekend affected him. Hamilton and team member George Russell struggled with a lack of balance and excessive […]

Lewis Hamilton calls the work Red Bull has done so far “phenomenal”

max verstappen lewis hamilton f1 2022

Lewis Hamilton concedes that Red Bull is currently the clear favourite for both title championships in 2022 and that this year’s competition is different from years past. Lewis Hamilton appreciated Red Bull’s work and stated that they are performing at a higher level than other teams this year. Hamilton acknowledged that Red Bull’s RB18 design […]

Vettel’s retirement makes Hamilton unhappy

Vette Hamilton 2022

Sebastian Vettel will leave Formula One at the completion of the 2022 race, and Lewis Hamilton has appreciated the German’s stance on a number of social and environmental concerns. Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement from Formula One in a statement, and Lewis Hamilton praised the German for his support of social and environmental issues. In […]