Magnussen explains why Haas has been struggling recently


Haas had a more difficult weekend in the Australian Grand Prix following a fine start to the 2022 season. Kevin Magnussen has shared his perspective on the incident.


Kevin Magnussen feels Haas’ reversal of luck at the Australian Grand Prix was due to the circuit not being suited to their car, and he is optimistic that the squad will recover.

Magnussen, whose comeback to Formula One was only announced just under two weeks before the season’s opening race, had a great start to the 2022 season, scoring points in the first two races.

Magnussen and driver Mick Schumacher, on the other hand, had a more difficult weekend at the Albert Park Circuit, finishing outside of the top ten.

Magnussen: We made a small gamble

Magnussen believes Haas gambled on approach throughout the race, which ultimately backfired.

“[It was] good fun, [and a] nice track,” the Danish driver said after the Grand Prix.

“[I’m disappointed] not to get points today. We made a small gamble, I would say, with the Hard tyre, because we felt like we were faster than our opposition, which we were.

“But, again, [the] Safety Car came and ruined completely the strategy. We know that’s the gamble, but it’s happened two times now [having happened at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix], so it’s a bummer. We’ll take them next time!”

Why did Haas have a more challenging weekend in Australia?

Despite believing that an approach gamble contributed to their lack of points, Magnussen concedes that Haas struggled throughout the weekend leading up to Sunday’s race.

Rather than seeing this as a negative indicator for the team’s future chances, the 29-year-old feels the team’s issues in Australia were caused by the VF-22 not adjusting as well to the Albert Park Circuit as it did at prior places.

“I think this was an outlier,” Magnussen explained.

“The starting set-up that we had here wasn’t good, and also we were struggling a little bit with tyres on this new tarmac.

“But we turned it around, and were able to get much closer to the pack in the race. We actually had pretty decent pace.

“[We] outraced the Alpine of Fernando [Alonso], and he almost qualified on the front row yesterday. So, looking at that, that’s positive. We were able to turn things around, and, we’ll score points next time.”

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