Leclerc wonders whether his speed was affected by severe Ferrari porpoising

scuderia ferrari

Ferrari is focusing on its porpoising concerns, according to Charles Leclerc, because the bouncing has the capability to impair consistency.

scuderia ferrari

Charles Leclerc has downplayed the impact of Ferrari’s significant porpoising on his overall speed.

On Sunday, the Monegasque cruised to victory in the Australian Grand Prix, finishing almost 20 seconds ahead of Red Bull’s Sergio Perez. Until Max Verstappen’s withdrawal on Lap 39 of 58, Leclerc had been capable of fending off the Dutch driver throughout the race.

Leclerc was untouchable throughout the weekend in Melbourne, claiming pole position, the fastest lap, and the podium finish, as well as leading every lap.

Apart from his speed, the Ferrari’s constant porpoising was a highlight of the race, with both Leclerc and Carlos Sainz experiencing tremendous bouncing as they raced down the curved back straight along the lake.

Despite the fact that Mercedes’ outright pace is being hampered by the same problem, Ferrari’s pace appears to be unaffected.

Leclerc: I am “not very sensitive” to porpoising

When questioned if the porpoising worried him on racetrack, Leclerc stated that it did not interfere with his ability to set a fast lap time.

“I don’t know why, but I am not very sensitive to it,” Leclerc told media, including, following his victory.

“It looks extremely bad on the onboards. Of course, I feel it but it doesn’t disturb me too much, in terms of performance. Just for Turn 9 maybe a little bit, because it’s just tricky. It’s bouncing a lot.

“But it’s definitely something we want to tackle because it doesn’t help us for consistency, especially once you have bouncing in a corner – it can be a problem. So we need to work on that.”

While Leclerc emphasised that the issue was one of consistency, he dismissed the notion that Ferrari could gain even more speed if the car was more stable down the straights.

“It wasn’t an issue,” he said.

“I couldn’t have gone faster if I didn’t have the bouncing.

“For the restart, it was a bit tricky because I had it before Turn 1, so you’re never as confident to just brake extremely hard for Turn 1. But everything went well, it was just not so comfortable to do 58 laps like this.”

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