Max Verstappen describes how ‘roles have reversed’ with his father Jos Verstappen


Max Verstappen has joked that he can now give his dad, Jos, driving tips on how to drive faster.


Between himself and his father, Jos Verstappen, the “roles are reversed,” according to Max.

Verstappen Senior is a former Formula One driver who drove for a number of less-than-competitive teams in the 1990s and early 2000s, though he did have a quiet year with Michael Schumacher at Benetton in 1994.

After retiring from Formula One, Jos focused on assisting Max in becoming a good racer in his own way, and has been a key member of Verstappen’s core group during his rise through the ranks of Formula One and Red Bull.

Jos has put a toe back into the world of professional racing in the last 12 months, with Verstappen’s F1 career growing and him being the 2021 World Champion.

Verstappen’s involvement in several national and international racing events means that Max is now in the unique position to be able to advise his father, which has been the case for the past two decades.

“Age is just a number and he’s still having a great time,” Verstappen said of Jos, who recently turned 50 years old.

“Rally is now a new hobby for him and it’s important for him to enjoy it and be able to put his energy and passion into it.

“He doesn’t need to win, but he’s still driven to do the best job he can. It’s great to see that.”

Verstappen: I enjoy following my dad’s progress

Verstappen continued by saying that he appreciates sharing a motorsport passion with his father.

“I enjoy following his progress and that we can chat about it,” he said.

“And it’s not just the rally stuff, but also when we do some private testing on a circuit. We really enjoy it and are able to give each other advice on how to go faster.

“Obviously, the roles have changed somewhat with me usually giving him advice!”

However, the defending Formula One champion has ruled out the possibility of following in his father’s footsteps in the future.

“I drove my dad’s rally car twice,” he commented.

“That was a lot of fun, but I don’t need to compete. I’ll leave the stage racing to him.”

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