Damon Hill: Hamilton will not feel under strain if Russell is quick


Lewis Hamilton can defeat George Russell in the 2022 season, according to Damon Hill, but Hamilton will want to see significant speed from his younger teammate.


Lewis Hamilton, according to Damon Hill, will consider George Russell as a racer who can assist him achieve an eighth world championship by becoming more competitive than Valtteri Bottas.

According to F1’s 1996 champion, Mercedes has one of the best driving lineups coming into the upcoming season, as a racer hailed as a potential champion sets to compete in equal machinery with the sport’s all-time championship winner.

The Silver Arrows have been warned by history that such a dynamic frequently results in tears. Hamilton’s debut at McLaren in 2007 forced Fernando Alonso out, and Charles Leclerc’s move from Alfa Romeo to Ferrari ended Sebastian Vettel’s stint in red just a few years ago.

Hamilton, on the other hand, has what it takes to overcome the obstacles, according to Hill, and will relish the possibility of competing against a teammate who is more capable of taking points away from Ferrari and Red Bull than his predecessor.

Hill commented on the F1 Nation podcast: “Lewis seems so comfortable now. I think he won’t feel pressure. If George threatens him or is quick, I think he’d be able to cope with that.”

Hill: Unlikely that Russell is going to topple Hamilton

Bottas only won three championships during his last two seasons with Mercedes. While Sergio Perez of Red Bull was on hand to assist Max Verstappen by pushing Lewis back during last year’s Abu Dhabi duel, Bottas was battling with the two AlphaTauri cars in sixth place.

According to Hill, Hamilton will expect to have Russell battling beside him at the front of the pack.

“You’ve got one of the strongest drivers of all time as your teammate, so that’s one down, and the other one is one of the hottest properties, young talents, as well. So yeah, I’d say definitely a very strong line-up there,” raved Hill.

However, the former Formula One racer believes Hamilton will win.

“It wouldn’t be the end of the world [for Hamilton if Russell is quick],” the former F1 driver said.

“He knows he’s got seven world titles in the bank and, over a season, I think it’s unlikely that George is going to topple Lewis.

“So I think he’s comfortable. In fact, if anything, he’s probably feeling better if he’s got a fast-charging number two, because anything that comes between him and Red Bull or Ferrari, whoever else it is, the better!”

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