Max Verstappen warned that Hamilton intends to ‘destroy’ him

Max Verstappen

According to an ex-F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton would seek vengeance against Max Verstappen after feeling “absolutely robbed” in last year’s title duel.

Max Verstappen

After losing out on the 2021 World Championship in suspicious circumstances, Max Verstappen has been told that Lewis Hamilton will try to “destroy” him during the following Formula One season.

Hamilton was on his way to a record-breaking eighth championship in Abu Dhabi until a late-race Safety Car – and choices by Race Director Michael Masi – turned the race around.

“If you think what you saw at the end of last year was my best, wait until you see this year,” Hamilton said, recently emerging from his winter break and looking forward to a new beginning in 2022.

Hamilton “fired up” for triumph in 2022

With those remarks in mind, ex-F1 driver Anthony Davidson believes Hamilton will be ready for the sport’s new era, combining his experience as a Sky Sports F1 pundit with a simulator position for Mercedes.

“When Lewis Hamilton comes out with a sentence like that, you have to take notice,” Davidson told the broadcaster in the build up to the new season, which marks the arrival of overhauled regulations.

“He sure is fired up to win this thing once and for all and I think he’ll be hard to beat. He’s certainly coming into this season with a very bullish mentality.”

Hamilton will want to “destroy” Verstappen

Following a close race between the two in 2021 that ended in multiple crashes, Davidson predicted that Hamilton would “not even want to see Max on track” this time.

“There will be nothing more [that] Lewis wants from this season than to destroy Max,” continued Davidson.

“Let’s not beat around a bush, he feels absolutely robbed as to what happened last year in Abu Dhabi, he wants to come out with a dominant car and he doesn’t even want to see Max on track, I’m sure.

“He just wants to show him a clean pair of heels, disappear off into the distance and win his eighth World Championship.”

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