Ricciardo is awarded a Member of the Order of Australia on Australia Day


Daniel Ricciardo, a McLaren Formula 1 driver, has been appointed to Australia Day’s honours list, which recognizes society’s achievements and services.


For his “significant service to motorsport as a competitor and ambassador, as well as to the community,” the eight-time grand prix winner has been named a “Member of the Order of Australia.”

In comparison to teammate Lando Norris, Ricciardo struggled in his first year with McLaren, but he did win the Woking team’s first F1 race since 2012 in Monza last year.

Aside from his successes in Formula One, the award acknowledges his achievements outside of the sport, such as the Ricciardo’s Racers initiative conducted by Motorsport Australia.

Ricciardo joins fellow Australians and former Formula One drivers Mark Webber and Jack Brabham as Order of Australia members.

Responding to the news, Ricciardo wrote on social media: “Just happy flying the flag for Australia. Really appreciate the recognition. You can take the boy out of Oz but you can’t… anyway haha big thanks to everyone.”

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