The lessons Szafnauer took away from the Piastri saga are revealed

otmar szafnauer alpine Piastri

The Contract Recognition Board decided in favor of McLaren in the conflict between Alpine and McLaren regarding Oscar Piastri’s services for 2023. Otmar Szafnauer, the head of Alpine, has been considering what the case taught him about paddock politics.

otmar szafnauer alpine Piastri

Otmar Szafnauer, the CEO of Alpine, has discussed the thing he took away from the Oscar Piastri contract controversy.

Following Fernando Alonso’s departure for Aston Martin, Alpine added Piastri, who was acting as their third driver, to their 2023 lineup. Piastri later denied that he had contracted with Alpine, which caused the conflict.

Piastri had signed an agreement to compete for McLaren as Daniel Ricciardo’s substitute, and when the case went before the Contract Recognition Board, the decision benefited McLaren.

After the argument, Szafnauer criticized Piastri, saying that he “expected greater loyalty” from the 21-year-old, and he has since thought about how he now sees paddock politics in light of the experience.

Szafnauer considers F1 politics in light of the Piastri case

In response to a question from the media, including, regarding the things he had learned about paddock politics and racer loyalty in the wake of the Piastri case, Szafnauer said: ” “I think species that collaborate, survive. Species that are selfish, perish.

“That’s true in history, and I think that might apply to Formula 1, too, but let’s see what the future brings.”

Piastri had participated in the Alpine Academy, and Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi had already questioned the program’s viability in light of the controversy.

Szafnauer has, though, emphasized the team’s dedication to the academy.

“At the time, you look at everything,” Szafnauer said.

“I think Laurent said that we’ve got to reconsider that if we spend this money and get drivers to a certain spot and they want to go elsewhere, should we really be doing this?

“That was something we looked at, but we definitely continue to be committed to the young driver programme and to the Alpine Academy.”

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