Why does Lando Norris ‘disagree’ with some parts of the portrayal in Drive to Survive?

lando norris

Ladno Norris has admitted that some aspects of his portrayal in the Netflix series Drive to Survive are are on the limits of acceptability.

lando norris

Lando Norris has stated that the portrayal of certain situations in Netflix’s docu-series Drive to Survive is on the verge of being unacceptable.

The fourth season of the hit TV show was published on the eve of Bahrain testing this week. Although Norris and McLaren teammate Daniel Ricciardo are prominently featured, Norris has stated that the creative licence given by production company Box to Box results in inaccuracies to the true situations.

“I watched Episode one and two last night,” Norris told media, including RacingNews365.com, during testing in Bahrain.

“I won’t spoil it but this is the first proper introduction to Daniel and myself and McLaren. I think it’s good, it gives you good insight.

“I think, from my side, it looks good – maybe not so much from the other side (referring to Ricciardo’s poor 2021 season).

“But I think there are obviously some comments and things, here and there, which may be out of place for sure. Which, when you’re the person that it is about, you maybe don’t agree with it so much, because it can make you look like you said something in a time and place which is definitely not correct.”

Norris highlights a fictional moment

Max Verstappen, the reigning World Champion, has denied involvement in the current season of Drive to Survive after being an outspoken critic of the show’s fictional settings.

Verstappen has stated that he does not approve of how he was represented in the first season, with the show preferring to focus on his teammate Ricciardo.

Norris intimated that he isn’t entirely satisfied with the fourth season’s portrayal of everything, but he refrained from criticising the producers’ decisions.

“There’s a bit of me and Daniel going side by side in Turn 1 when we’re not even close, and I claim he pushes me off, which is from a completely different race!” he said.

“So there are things which are maybe a bit too much like that and maybe I don’t agree too much with it. But, on the whole, I think things are still just exciting and good for everyone.

“So, as long as they don’t overdo it, and literally make someone look like they’ve done something which they definitely haven’t done – I think that’s too far. As long as they don’t do that then it’s good.”

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