Alonso says sorry for his ‘idiot’ comments against Hamilton

Alonso Hamilton F1 2022

Following his collision with Hamilton on the opening lap at Spa, the Spaniard was furious over the team radio.

Alonso Hamilton F1 2022

After colliding with Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap of the Belgian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso made an apology for calling him a “idiot.”

At Les Combes, Hamilton moved in on Alonso and threw his car into the air as the two battled for second position headed down the Kemmel Straight.

On the team radio, Alonso referred to the seven-time world champion as a “idiot” and said that “this guy only knows how to drive and start in first” while Mercedes stated that the car faced a 45G hit when it landed.

In a statement to the media today, Alonso clarified his on-track comments.

“First, Lewis is a champion, a legend. If you say something, and I’m sorry to repeat it, to a British driver, the media will write about it a lot after that,” said Alonso.

“If you say something about a Spanish-speaking driver, it’s all nice and nice, but if you say something to others, it suddenly becomes a bit more serious. Anyway. I apologize. I wasn’t thinking about what I said.

“I don’t really think anyone was to blame at that moment. It was the first lap and then you just drive close together.”

Hamilton takes dig at Alonso with signed cap

A weekend following the race In the Mercedes RV, Hamilton appears to have left a signed cap with the note “For Fernando.”

Later, Alonso was seen entering the Mercedes motorhome to say sorry to Hamilton and leaving with the cap.

He explained to the media about his comments concerning Hamilton’s only capacity to begin from the pole, saying: “It’s something you say in the heat of battle. But none of what I said is true or there are facts to prove otherwise. I have a huge amount of respect for Lewis.

“At those moments, fighting for the top three, I said partly because of the adrenaline some things I shouldn’t have said. After the race I also said it was a racing incident. In the future I will pay more attention to what I say on the radio.”

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