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Hamilton reveals why his first victory of the 2022 season might be coming

Hamilton 2022 F1

Lewis Hamilton thinks a first Mercedes victory in 2022 is possible considering the improvements made prior to the summer break. Following their encouraging achievements prior to the F1 summer break, Lewis Hamilton thinks Mercedes is on the verge of their first victory of the year. Mercedes are commonly believed to have cut the gap to […]

Alonso says sorry for his ‘idiot’ comments against Hamilton

Alonso Hamilton F1 2022

Following his collision with Hamilton on the opening lap at Spa, the Spaniard was furious over the team radio. After colliding with Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap of the Belgian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso made an apology for calling him a “idiot.” At Les Combes, Hamilton moved in on Alonso and threw his car […]

Hamilton is unimpressed with Mercedes’s speed: It sucks and the car is slow

Hamilton Mercedes 2022

Lewis Hamilton gave a pessimistic assessment of the W13’s performance after Mercedes qualified for the Belgian Grand Prix as only the fourth-fastest team. Lewis Hamilton claims that the poor performance of his Mercedes during the Belgian Grand Prix weekend affected him. Hamilton and team member George Russell struggled with a lack of balance and excessive […]

Leclerc demands rule changes in response to the Belgian Grand Prix “tear-off” problem

Leclerc Belgian Grand Prix 2022

To stop visor “tear-offs” from unintentionally influencing the results of upcoming F1 races, Charles Leclerc has asked for intervention. In Charles Leclerc’s opinion, more must be done to stop visor “tear-offs” from influencing the results of Grands Prix. The overheating brake problem that plagued Leclerc in the first few circuits of the race prevented him […]