Brown makes an announcement concerning the future of Norris with  McLaren

Lando Norris F1 McLaren

Zak Brown believes that McLaren can give Lando Norris the skills necessary to compete for victories and championships in Formula 1.

Lando Norris F1 McLaren

In order for Lando Norris to win races and titles in Formula 1, Zak Brown is sure that McLaren will be ready to provide him with the necessary equipment.

Norris had a successful season in 2022 while driving for McLaren, and his third-place result at Imola made him only one racer among the top three teams to reach the podium.

In his fourth season of competition, he came in seventh in the Drivers’ rankings, but he’s still aiming for his first Grand Prix triump

In addition, Red Bull driver manager Helmut Marko is rumored to have a long-term interest in Norris’ services. The British racer has been considered as a potential alternative for Lewis Hamilton after he stops racing.

Nevertheless, McLaren Executive Director Brown believes the squad will soon be in a condition to enable Norris to contend for victories and podiums on a more regular basis.

Brown’s Norris declaration

Only Max Verstappen has a longer contract, which runs through 2028 with Red Bull, lengthier than Norris’ recent long-term contract with the Woking team that he signed earlier in 2022.

Although Brown wants to make sure Norris has no need to move elsewhere, given the high level of consistency Norris has demonstrated, members of the big three will find him to be an interesting contender when vacancies arise in the coming years.

Brown told the media, including, “I’m certain we’re going to provide him a winning car.”

“We have a long-term contract with him and I think he feels very comfortable within the team.

“[There’s] pressure we obviously put on ourselves, because we don’t want to just give him a winning car, we want to give us a winning car.

“We’ve got runway [left] to get there and he knows the journey, he’s bought into the journey that we’re on.

“It is too early to be worried about [him leaving].”

Surprised at the lack of podiums

Given the variety witnessed in 2021, Brown also acknowledged his “surprise” that Norris was the only racer to win a podium who wasn’t driving a Mercedes, Red Bull, or Ferrari.

He simply attributes it to the modification of regulations.

“I’m surprised at their dominance given the new regulations, but they got it right,” he explained.

“Then they’ve got the drivers right and with the reliability in Formula 1 being so good these days, unless there is a problem, the top three teams are going to lock out the podium at every race.”

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